Changing mindset before changing technology

Changing mindset before changing technology

5:56 AM, 28th August 2017
Himanshu Vyas, Sr Vice President (Technology), Aditya Birla Group
Himanshu Vyas, Sr Vice President (Technology), Aditya Birla Group.

In an interview, Himanshu Vyas, Sr Vice President (Technology), Aditya Birla Group with Chemical Today Magazine talks about making IIOT a reality for Indian chemical industry.

By Debarati Das

Is India IIOT ready?

Some industries are ready but majority of the companies in India do not have the infrastructure to support IIOT. Their machines are very old, their IT system is very primitive and they do not have skilled work force to understand and effectively use IIOT solutions.

People think that IIOT is just machine to machine talking to improve reliability and consistency of the product. But what they don’t understand is that there is a need to change the entire business model to incorporate IIOT. If our mindset remains limited to this, then IIOT is not going to work. Also, one solution will not fit all companies. A big business would need a business model which is digital but a small business with limited customer and supplier need not require supply chain digitalization but a different digitalization process to suit its needs. This understanding is very important.

Digitization in process industry.

Automation was always there in the process industry but in a limited way. But now it is slowly increasing with advanced process control tools like simulation, advanced sensor systems etc.

Making IIOT a reality.

First, we have to improve the quality of skill available in the industry. There is a huge dearth of skilled workforce in the industry as most fresh graduates detour to other industries. Job hopping is very rampant. Analytical skill is low. This issue needs to be addressed very seriously. Also, it is the management that needs to look at IIOT as an investment and not as an expense. There are still doubts and uncertainties about this change. People are still testing the waters and before they can really implement it. The government too can help by giving some concessions and encouraging companies towards digitization.

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