Its Chemist Charles Macintosh's 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle

Chemist Charles Macintosh's 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle

10:05 AM, 29th December 2016
Its Chemist Charles Macintosh's 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle
Chemist Charles Macintosh's 250th Birthday, Google Celebrates With Doodle

CALIFORNIA, US: Goggle celebrates chemist Charles Macintosh's 250th birthday today by bestowing a doodle in his respect. He is the one who invented waterproof material.

The doodle demonstrates a delineation of Charles Macintosh remaining in a raincoat and rain beads bobbing off him.  The world recalls him for his most prevalent development 'Macintosh Raincoat'.

Mr Macintosh’s childhood in Glasgow dedicated lot of his time to chemistry. His propensity for trying different things with different chemicals, made him understand that naphtha - a by-product of tar - could effortlessly be broken down in India rubber.

This blend brought about development of glue which had the capacity to repulse water. By embeddings the coatings between two pieces of cloth, Mr Macintosh made a fabric that could get wet from outside & forms a shield to the wearer from water.

In 1823, Charles was conceded with a patent on the waterproof fabric. This creation was an aid to numerous folks, as Scotland is known for its sudden downpours and very frequent rainfalls. At the time in which this invention was made, lots of folks in Scotland oiled their fabrics to make them waterproof. This procedure was both troublesome, as it made the apparel weighty and foul smelling. Charles Macintosh's blend of natural rubber with naphtha gave a significantly more advantageous alternative which has been upgraded into different products today.

Charles Macintosh passed away in 1843 at Dunchattan, Scotland and was buries in the churchyard of Glasgow Cathedral. His name is added to the impressive seventeenth century monument which remains against the eastern boundary wall.

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