Clariant presents colours 2019 innewest edition ColourForward

Clariant presents colours for 2019 in the newest edition of ColourForward

6:35 AM, 15th December 2017
Clariant presents colours for 2019 in the newest edition of ColourForward
Self-expression, creativity and humanity on the rise.

MUTTENZ, SWITZERLAND: Clariant said that it has released ColourForward 2019, the 13th edition of the annual colour forecasting guide for the plastics industry.

In 2019, consumers can be expected to feel increasingly frustrated by complications and distractions that make it difficult to focus long enough to complete even important tasks. They'll also feel like things that used to be predictable and dependable have gone out of control.

Among these confusing and unsettling circumstances, Clariant trend-watchers predict a heightened awareness and appreciation for the unique creativity, intuition and artistry that make people human. And, we will see the rise of millennials, particularly in Africa, as they begin to demonstrate a new kind of self-awareness, individuality and confidence.

"As far back as 2014, while working on colourForward 2016, we began to see consumers becoming more introspective and even a little fearful about what was happening in their world," recalls Judith van Vliet, colour works Designer and a leader of the ColourForward team. "That gloominess, reflected in colours that were muted, softer, darker and even ambiguous, has persisted. Although the palette for 2019 is still toned down and more than a little grey, we see in it a growing sense of resolve and determination to find ways to live happily in our increasingly technical world."

colours and trends for 2019

Each issue of ColourForward identifies four global trend themes and then matches each with five colours that can be expected to evoke emotional responses related to that trend.

Do not disturb

The colour palette for Do not disturb is simple: like pastels, they are serene, soft, and minimal, though all but one – a transparent light green dubbed 'focus' – have a dusty cast that quiets them even further. A slightly grey white, for instance, is called 'white noise,' and a greenish blue is named '?ταραξ?α von has fidanken', a Greek word for calmness or composure.


colours representing the CTRL+F trend are ambiguous, enigmatic, and contrasting: –both light and dark, solid and transparent, with two of the five including a glitter effect. One of those is a smoky, translucent black named 'The Unknown: now boarding.' A neon orange ('The dawn of robotocene') is punchy, energetic and somehow synthetic, while a Champagne gold ('Mirroring human,') is a dynamic neutral.

Made in human

One of the colour chips (called 'colourWorks, Untitled, 2017, ABS on ABS, 9x6 cm,' like the work of art it is) is made by 3D printing, a first for ColourForward. This 3D-printed plaque is canvas-beige in colour with a brush stroke of purple symbolizing the human creativity in this machine-made artifact. Other colours include, 'One face, one human race' that is a totally random combination of several colours, making every chip is unique, and yet all are part of the same family.


Ask someone from outside Africa what Umswenko is and they are unlikely to know the meaning of this Zulu word. Ask someone in Africa the same question and you will get answers as diverse as the continent. It's a style. It's an attitude. It's a way of being individual while also remembering your heritage and seeing an Africa that is more positive than the one portrayed in mass media.

The colours chosen to represent this trend are not stereotypically African. They are the brightest of the ColourForward 2019 palettes, and yet they are somewhat toned down. They are juicy and energetic like 'Tribeat,' an apricot orange, or a jade green called 'La Sape.' This word describes a flamboyant style of dress adopted by so-called Congolese Dandies who, despite crushing poverty, spend lavishly of colourful clothing that they use to assert their independence and dignity.

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