Clariant’s new sunflower-based surfactant soft, moisturized skin

Clariant’s new sunflower-based surfactant for soft, moisturized skin

6:48 AM, 23rd October 2017
Clariant’s new sunflower-based surfactant for soft, moisturized skin
Based on 100 percent European-sourced sunflower oil & glucose; No irritant labels (H318 or H319) and high cleaning performance & soft moisturized after-feel on skin.

MUTTENZ, SWITZERLAND: Clariant International Ltd introduces a unique label-free surfactant based on 100 percent renewable sunflower oil sourced in Europe – GlucoPure Sense. Announces a new era for renewable surfactants in hand dishwashing liquid (HDWL) detergents.

GlucoPure Sense supports HDWL experts in addressing challenges such as irritant labelling, non-tropical ingredient sourcing, and achieving comparable performance to traditional surfactants.

The latest addition to Clariant's GlucoPure family of mild yet effective renewable surfactants has a high Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of more than 96 percent, consisting of 100 percent renewable sunflower oil and 100 percent renewable glucose both sourced in Europe. It has an active matter of between 50-55 percent Oleyl Glucamide.

The surfactant is one of the few to carry no irritant labels (H318 or H319) under GHS and allows formulations with no irritant or corrosive labels consistent with European Union (EU) regulations. It delivers high foam mileage in both hard and soft water and is proven in plate tests to match the performance standards of regular surfactants such as betaines. For example, H318 can be avoided in mild SLES/betaine formulations by using GlucoPure Sense as the co-surfactant. It is also possible to pursue no exclamation mark (H319) labelling in formulations with more than 9 percent a.m.

In terms of sensory, GlucoPure Sense stands out in the GlucoPure portfolio for adding a superior, soft, moisturized skin feel to formulations. In blind testing, a sensory panel reported improved and pleasant after-feel compared to an existing market product, as well as an easier to rinse foam.

“GlucoPure Sense lives up to its name. It gives the segment an effective alternative to green raw-materials derived from tropical sources, and thanks to its excellent ecotox profile and cleaning power, it's a viable option for manufacturers looking for a lighter label or to go completely label-free with their formulations. Plus, sensory experts love the soft, moisturized skin feel it creates compared to current market formulations. In a nutshell, it gives hand dishwashing liquids the performance consumers demand,” said Ralf Zerrer, head of strategic marketing for the business unit industrial & consumer specialities, Clariant.

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