Designer recommends Archroma’s color atlas system new shades

Designer recommends Archroma’s colour atlas system for new shades

5:31 AM, 27th January 2017
Archroma’s color atlas system
Colour Atlas by Archroma, a color library created to easily bring color creativity and manageability to an entire new level for stylists and designers, brands and retailers, and their suppliers.

REINACH, SWITZERLAND: Archroma has recently sponsored a seminar with the founder of Design Seeds, Jessica Colaluca, that focused on the use of “Color Anthropology”. And also, focusing how the recent global political events including the election of Donald Trump and the passing of Brexit may change the already established fashion industry colour palette for the upcoming season.

“Colour has long been a form of self-expression over the years. The US election of Donald Trump impacted the colours we are – and will be – wearing this upcoming season. While not in the literal sense of red, white and blue being patriotic, but the notion of Americana and how people want to relate to it was shaken,” said Colaluca.

To address the fast pace of these shifting colour trends, Colaluca highly recommends that fashion designers and brands leverage tools like Archroma’s Color Atlas system.

“The Color Atlas has beautiful modern colours that are constantly relevant. As a designer, this is critical due to a quickly shifting consumer. And, if it doesn’t have the exact colour I need, I can request a custom standard to achieve exactly the shade or hue I am looking for,” said Colaluca.

In many ways, the modern folk or hipster aesthetic was born in reaction to consumerism gone wild, which made natural colours make sense the past three years, but with the volatility of politics, nationally and globally, it makes sense the aesthetic will evolve dramatically once again. Allowing for a feeling of empowerment, optimism, and self-expression.

Colaluca points to strong fashion trends like flannel shirts and red dad caps that have dominated the market such as Modern Folk and Americana start blurring political lines of very different people with distinctly different ethos. As early as Q4 2016, colour anthropologists could see a fallout coming on this trend aesthetic in the hipster and early adopter segments because the aesthetics cross over with people of very different political and cultural beliefs, therefore separating themselves from a belief system they don’t share.

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