DIC establish new polymer technical facility in Thailand

DIC to establish new polymer technical facility in Thailand

6:55 AM, 26th February 2015
DIC to establish new polymer technical facility in Thailand

TOKYO, JAPAN: DIC announced that it will establish a new polymer technical facility in Thailand. The purpose of the new facility, the Polymer Technical Centre–Asia Pacific, is to reinforce DIC’s ability to provide polymer products refined to meet the needs of customers in the burgeoning Asia–Pacific region. (As used here, the term “Asia–Pacific region” excludes Japan and the People’s Republic of China).

The Polymer Technical Centre–Asia Pacific will be situated within the site occupied by Siam Chemical Industry’s plant in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate, in Samut Prakan Province, which neighbours Bangkok. The site’s proximity to Suvarnabhumi International Airport offers key advantages, ensuring convenient access to global customers and target markets and positioning the new facility ideally for collaboration with the recently established Printing Inks Technical Centre–Asia Pacific, located in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in nearby Chonburi Province, as well as with Singapore-based DIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the Group’s regional headquarters.

The DIC Group will continue to establish new and enhance existing R&D facilities in its various businesses, thus reinforcing its ability to customize products to local needs. Through these efforts, the Group will strive to further earn the trust and confidence of its customers around the world.


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