Dupont, BP JV files second patent suit against Gevo

Dupont, BP JV files second patent suit against Gevo

10:47 AM, 12th August 2011
Dupont, BP JV files second patent suit against Gevo
Patrick R Gruber, CEO, Gevo.


ENGLEWOOD, US: Delaware-based, Butamax Advanced Biofuel LLC has filed a second patent infringement suit against Gevo. The suit filed in US district court in Delaware by Butamax Advanced Biofuel (joint venture formed between DuPont and BP), is without merit, Gevo said.

Gevo will continue to aggressively defend its freedom to operate. The new lawsuit asserts infringement of Butamax’s newly issued US Patent No 7,993,889, which stems from the same application as the patent that Butamax asserted in a pending lawsuit, filed on January 14, 2011. The new suit will be consolidated with the existing case.

“We are leaders in technology and commercialization of low-cost isobutanol. Unfortunately, lawsuits like this are typical disputes that leaders face. We will vigorously challenge these patents and Butamax’s infringement allegations. We believe that these disputes will eventually reveal the superiority of Gevo’s innovations. We will continue to lead, keeping the focus on the production of low-cost isobutanol, deploying our technology, and securing additional off-take agreements,” said Patrick R Gruber, CEO, Gevo.

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