DuPont files patent lawsuit against Heraeus in solar cell technology

DuPont files patent lawsuit against Heraeus in solar cell technology

4:15 AM, 5th September 2011
DuPont files patent lawsuit against Heraeus in solar cell technology


WILMINGTON, US: DuPont filed a lawsuit against Heraeus Holding GmbH and Heraeus Materials Technology LLC for allegedly infringing a DuPont patent related to its front-side metallization paste materials used in solar cell technology.

In its federal court filing, DuPont alleged that Heraeus has infringed DuPont US, Patent No 7,767,254 B2, by manufacturing solar cells and inducing its customers to manufacture solar cells, using Heraeus H94 XX series and H92 XX series front-side silver pastes.

DuPont plays a key role in enabling growth in the solar energy market by providing advanced materials and process technology. The DuPont Solamet product line is the leading technology for metallization in crystalline silicon and thin film solar cells, and has been instrumental in the great gains in efficiency of solar power, making it more competitive with other means of electricity generation.

“As a market-driven science company, DuPont invests significant resources and millions of dollars in research to develop innovative products for our customers,” said David B Miller, President, DuPont Electronics & Communications. “Our intellectual property enables us to continue investing in innovative technologies for the photovoltaic industry and to ensure that our customers receive the performance expected from DuPont products. We will continue to take appropriate actions to protect our patent estate against infringement.”

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