EU’s stricter norms food additives

EU’s stricter norms for food additives

1:50 AM, 15th November 2011
EU’s stricter norms for food additives
John Dalli, Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner, EU.


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The use of additives in food will soon become even safer and more transparent than it currently is thanks to two pieces of legislation adopted by the European Commission.

“The adoption of two regulations on additives will further empower citizens and industry alike as they will make it easier for everyone concerned to know exactly what additives are allowed in foodstuffs. This means a better informed citizen, at the same, an EU food industry properly equipped to come up with new innovative and safe products,” said John Dalli, Health and Consumer Policy Commissioner, EU.

The two regulations establish two new lists. The first concerns additives in foodstuff, to come into application in June 2013. This list will allow consumers, food business operators and control authorities to easily identify which additives are authorised in a particular foodstuff. The second list regards additives in food ingredients, such as other additives, enzymes, flavourings and nutrients and it will come into force 20 days after its publication in the EU’s official journal.

Transparency is one major benefit of the new legislation. The authorised uses of additives are from now on listed according to the category of food to which they may be added. Moreover, the list of additives that may be added to other additives, enzymes, flavourings and nutrients will further ensure that exposure to additives remains limited.

Apart from the establishment of the two lists, the new legislation also provides for: well determined conditions under which additives may be added to food, categorisation of food with the additives listed in a clear way, clear guidelines and instructions for applicants requesting new uses of food additives. Food colours are first on the priority list. Seventeen colours have already been re-evaluated.

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