Extending lifetime fuels lubricants

Extending lifetime of fuels and lubricants

6:23 AM, 24th October 2017
SONGWON’s aminic and phenolic antioxidants designed to extend lifetime of fuels and lubricants and protect equipment and engines.
SONGWON's aminic and phenolic antioxidants designed to extend lifetime of fuels and lubricants and protect equipment and engines.

Protecting equipment and engines

Ever higher performance is required of motors and machinery as a result of increasingly stringent emission regulations as well as demand for fuel efficiency and durability of vehicles and equipment.

Lubricants are crucial to achieving today’s standards. They keep moving components of motors apart, reduce friction between them, transmit power, heat or cool surfaces, help to flush away contaminants and foreign particles, and prevent corrosion and wear. In other words, they prolong the useful life of vehicles. They also help to reduce consumption of oils and other fuels.

Manufactured by refining and processing different base oils, lubricants are used in the automobile, marine, aviation and railway industries as well as in machinery and equipment for construction and much more.

Environmental considerations and the current focus on green technologies are attracting attention to bio-lubricants and biofuels derived from plants and animals. Plant-based lubricants include canola, castor, palm, sunflower seed and rapeseed oil, while lanolin is one of the animal oils used.

Additives are used in small quantities to extend the life of lubricants, reduce viscosity, prevent deposits and foam formation, control viscosity and increase resistance to temperature fluctuations. Antioxidants are particularly important additives because they prolong the life of oils, lubricants and fuels, both on the shelf and in use.

Extended focus to the fuels & lubricants industry

SONGWON, the second largest manufacturer of antioxidants for polymer stabilizers in the world, offers an extensive array of speciality chemicals for a diverse range of industries including packaging, textiles, electronics, adhesives, building, agriculture, automotive and lubricants. Founded in 1965 in Busan, its headquarters is now based in Ulsan, South Korea – strategically chosen for easy access to the Pacific. SONGWON boasts state of the art manufacturing facilities in Ulsan – an oil, petrochemical and automotive hub.   

SONGWON is also the largest producer of phenolic antioxidants in Asia. The company is a relative newcomer to the fuels and lubricants industry, with roots firmly entrenched in plastics additives. In 2015, SONGWON celebrated its 50th anniversary and in the same year, SONGWON extended its focus to supplying antioxidants for the fuels and lubricants industry. Olivier Keiser, leader of fuel & lube Additives, indicates it has been a strong development of the business activities due to the clear value proposition SONGWON is bringing.

The company develops, manufactures and supplies antioxidants for lubricants and fuels that provide protection at high temperatures and extend engine oil drain intervals. A significant shift in the competitive landscape, a globally expanding antioxidant market and particularly a growth in demand in Asia from companies relocating production of lubricants, a robust performance in SONGWON’s core business, and a management team prepared to invest in long-term sustainable growth, all combined to enable a seamless transition into the lubricant antioxidant market.

This allowed SONGWON to produce the key aminic and phenolic antioxidants for lubricant applications of these products with world scale production size in the same facility, said Gerard Mulqueen, global business manager, fuel & lube additives, enabling SONGWON to make inroads in the estimated 250,000 metric ton per year market. 

“With more than 50 years’ experience in stabilization technology, and as a major supplier of antioxidants, we are well placed to extend our additives range for fuels and lubricants,” said Keiser. “We are investing in production capacity as well as in research and development in anticipation of new industry standard requirements. In parallel, we are continuously engaging with our customers in order to develop ongoing, innovative solutions.”

To emphasize this commitment to the Fuel & Lube market SONGWON recently launched SONGNOX® L670. This industry standard nonylated diphenylamine antioxidant (ADPA) is used with SONGNOX® L135 liquid phenolic antioxidant in automotive formulations.

“Aminic and phenolic antioxidants retard oxidation in the oil by reacting with radicals produced in the lubricant: in engine oils, this helps to extend the drain interval. By preserving the integrity of the oil for longer periods antioxidants help maintain viscosity, reduce deposit and foam formation, and guard against the production of corrosion species, whilst protecting the oil at higher temperatures,” said Mulqueen.

SONGNOX® L670 and SONGNOX® L135 are both manufactured at SONGWON’s South Korean plant in Ulsan and supplied worldwide. Economy-of-scale production units in South Korea and backward integration of the key raw materials for antioxidants ensure reliability of supply worldwide and add value throughout the supply chain.

Innovation a key driver

In line with the company’s aim to strengthen its position on the global speciality chemicals playing field, SONGWON this year officially opened a new Technology Innovation Center in Maeam, Korea. SONGOWN says that the new centre is a major milestone for the company. Not only will it support innovation, it will enable SONGWON to take another key step forward in entering new business areas with high value and sophisticated technology.

Located on the company’s Maeam site in South Korea, the centre encompasses 32,000 m² and is currently 3 stories high. However, keeping an eye on the future, the facility has been especially designed with future expansion in mind and is constructed to allow the company to add two more floors later as required. The new facility hosts both R&D, Global Application Community and Technical Service. It enables the organization to leverage the synergies between the groups, consolidate SONGWON’s technologies and support the complete development of new products from the design phase to final customer applications.

The centres support the needs of the existing and new SONGWON businesses and includes analysis labs, synthetic rooms, clean rooms, kilos lab scale rooms, polymer processing and application labs.

SONGWON’s Technology Innovation Center has been laid out to provide a stimulating environment that fosters creativity, forward-thinking and facilitate the exchange of know-how. It will also support SONGWON’s efforts to translate market needs into innovative product solutions quickly and efficiently. Having such a facility means that SONGWON can continue its legacy of innovation by enabling the company to analyze, evaluate and launch new products at an industry-leading pace which will ultimately create value for customers and help them gain a competitive advantage.


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