ExxonMobi reinforces expansion its Singapore chemical production facility

ExxonMobil expands chemical facility in Singapore

7:52 AM, 9th January 2014
ExxonMobi expanding Singapore chemical production facility

SINGAPORE: ExxonMobil reinforced its long-term supply commitment to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific with the expansion of its Singapore chemical production facility. ExxonMobil’s expansion project doubled the size of its finished product capacity in Singapore, making it the largest chemical expansion in the company’s history.

The Singapore chemical facility, which now accounts for about one-quarter of ExxonMobil’s global chemical capacity, incorporates more than 40 new proprietary technologies and is designed to be one of ExxonMobil’s most energy efficient and flexible sites.

“Global chemical demand will grow at a faster pace than Gross domestic product (GDP) as people seek higher standards of living and purchase more household and packaged goods manufactured with chemical products. Two-thirds of that growth in chemical demand will be here in the Asia-Pacific region. ExxonMobil’s expanded Singapore chemical plant is uniquely positioned to serve these growth markets – from China to the Indian subcontinent and beyond,” said Rex W Tillerson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Exxon Mobil Corporation.

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