ExxonMobil licenses specialty PP compounds production technology R&P

ExxonMobil licenses specialty PP compounds production technology to R&P

11:36 AM, 31st December 2014
ExxonMobil licenses specialty PP compounds production technology to R&P

SINGAPORE: R&P (Pte) Ltd has licensed from ExxonMobil Chemical (EMC) the technology to produce Specialty PP Compounds (TPO) to be marketed under R&P’s brand name, STERLENE for the Asia Pacific region, which includes China, Japan, Korea, India, ASEAN and the OCEANIA countries.

The License grants to R&P the right to use the formulations, product designs and previous product codes created under Exxtral grades that were developed and/ or manufactured at R&P, which offers a comprehensive range of TPOs for bumper, interior, exterior and underhood applications. EMC has further agreed to supply PP to R&P.

“We look forward to continuing to be a reliable supplier of our STERLENE TPO products to strong supporters who have over the past years provided us the opportunities to be of service to them, and will endeavour our very best to augment our chain of customers. At the same time, we take pleasure in announcing that Shanghai Hop Zenith Chemical Trading Co., Ltd will be our main distributor in China for all of R&P’s products, including STERLENE,” said YK Tan, Chairman, R&P.


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