ExxonMobil US Marine affiliate plans two new tankers

ExxonMobil US Marine affiliate plans for two new tankers

1:36 PM, 26th July 2011
ExxonMobil US Marine affiliate plans for two new tankers

· Represents SeaRiver’s ongoing commitment to safety and the environment.

· Vessels to trade between Alaska and US West coast destinations.

· US flag vessels scheduled for delivery in 2014.

· Double hull design used extensively throughout the world.

· Added features enhance safety, reliability and reduce air emissions.

IRVING, US: Exxon Mobil Corporation’s US marine affiliate, SeaRiver Maritime Inc, signed a letter of intent with Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, for the construction of two US flag, crude oil tankers in partnership with Samsung Heavy Industries, a leader in shipbuilding technologies. The vessels will be used to transport Alaska North Slope crude oil from Prince William Sound, Alaska to US West Coast destinations.

Project planning work is underway with construction of the 115,000 deadweight ton tankers expected to begin by mid-2012. The vessels are scheduled for delivery in 2014 and will be capable of carrying 730,000 barrels of crude oil to help meet US energy needs. They will replace two existing double hull tankers.

All cargo and fuel compartments will be equipped with double hull protection. Both vessels will feature the latest in navigation and communications equipment. Main engine and auxiliary systems will be energy efficient and generate lower air emissions than what is required by current regulatory standards.

“These new vessels will provide jobs for American shipyard workers and help support energy needs along the US West Coast for decades to come,” said Will Jenkins, President, SeaRiver.

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