Focus on natural flavor & fragrance additives to foster mesifurane market

11:07 AM, 21st January 2021
Flavour is among the key drivers for food & beverage purchase decisions. The use of myriad flavoring & fragrance additives such as mesifurane, in either natural or synthetic form, creates long-lasting sensory impressions on consumers

Flavour is among the key drivers for food & beverage purchase decisions. The use of myriad flavoring & fragrance additives such as mesifurane, in either natural or synthetic form, creates long-lasting sensory impressions on consumers. This not just drives up aesthetic as well as the overall appeal of consumer goods exponentially but also broadens the scope for naturally-sourced and organic additives across myriad industrial sectors.

Persistent technological developments, as well as proliferating demands for ready-to-eat and convenience foods amid evolving health perspectives, are therefore expected to bring up novel opportunities for mesifurane market growth.

Mesifurane refers to a naturally-occurring compound in several types of fruits such as mangoes, berries and strawberries. Mesifurane additives are largely sought after in many sectors spanning pharmaceuticals, personal care, food & beverage and animal feed, among others. This popularity is attributed mainly to their robust beneficial properties, including non-toxic nature, pleasant aroma and environment-friendliness.

Shift in trends towards organic additives and flavorings will drive industry expansion in the food & beverage domain

The rapid shift in consumer preference from synthetic to natural ingredients is contributing greatly to the ever-growing demand for organic flavorings and additives in food & beverage products worldwide.

This shift, driven predominantly by rising health consciousness and growing public awareness regarding the adverse impact of chemical additives on human health has significantly changed customer perception towards flavorings in food products, in turn creating a favorable growth environment for the mesifurane industry over the years. 

Naturally sourced flavor & fragrance ingredients are sourced directly from their botanical sources, and therefore comprise many of the same chemical compounds that provide plants with their natural scents and flavors. Companies focused on organic and naturally-sourced products stand to gain myriad benefits from such flavorings, as they can deliver flavor and scent experiences extremely close to the natural sources.

The development of natural flavorings such as mesifurane additives in recent years is also being spurred by new regulations. For instance, in 2019, the National Organic Program of the US Department of Agriculture published a regulation mandating certified organic flavors to be used in certified organic products, subject to commercial availability of the organic flavors.

These new developments, coupled with the burgeoning inclination of consumers towards purchasing high-quality processed foods in developing economies have significantly driven up the demand for natural flavorings and aromatics like mesifurane.

To that end, companies like Natural Advantage, LLC offer mesifurane additives, sourced from strawberries. The flavoring product, designed as a companion to the company’s existing strawberry furanone ingredient, helps enhance the flavor impact and sweetness of the ingredient in various products.

Burgeoning use of mesifurane in organic cosmetic products will serve as a major trend

The need for naturally-sourced ingredients is not confined to just the food & beverage domain but has gradually permeated the cosmetics and personal care industry in recent years as well.

Studies suggest that almost 70 percent of consumers in the US, aged between 18-29 years prefer to use organic and natural cosmetic products. Natural cosmetic and personal care products are suitable for various skin functions, owing to the presence of organic ingredients which deliver several benefits to the skin.

As consumers become increasingly concerned regarding the presence of synthetic ingredients in personal care products, manufacturers are rapidly seeking out ways to replace conventional chemical components in cosmetics with safer and more organic alternatives.

Mesifurane plays a key role in this transition and is one of the most sought-after organic alternatives to regular cosmetic chemicals. Mesifurane possesses an appealing aroma, advanced antioxidant characteristics, and several other benefits, as it is naturally sourced from fruits, which makes it ideal for use in cosmetics and personal care applications.

Increasing research & development activities in flavors and ingredients will present a favorable growth trajectory 

With food & beverage preferences evolving constantly over the years, key players in the flavorings and ingredients business landscape are undertaking various R&D initiatives to develop organic products in order to keep up with the trends, opening up lucrative growth prospects for the mesifurane market.

For instance, in 2017, organic ingredients and flavor product Blue Pacific Flavors revealed the opening of a new research and development lab, dubbed the Flavor Creation and Culinary Innovation Center. The laboratory, which was designed as a collaborative space for clients to develop plant-based, clean-label, organic, and natural food & beverage applications, is responsible for all the flavor creation and product development activities of the company’s operations across Asia and the US.

Furthermore, following the publishing of the new regulations pertaining to the use of organic flavorings in organic foods in 2019, leading flavor, color, and ingredient manufacturer Flavorchem initiated a proactive campaign, aimed at providing customers a better understanding of the regulatory change, ensuring that they are well-equipped with the required certified organic flavors.

Natural flavors and color manufacturers will gain significant advantages in the COVID-19 era

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus across the globe has resulted in an unprecedented shift in trends in recent months. This impact has been observed in many aspects of modern life, particularly in terms of food & beverage preferences.

With nationwide lockdown measures put into effect, shelf-stable items such as canned goods witnessed a massive demand surge from consumers looking to stock up. Furthermore, the food industry has also observed a considerable rise in preference for products with clean-label or organic ingredients, in order to fulfill the need for healthier food habits and immunity-boosting foods.

Flavorings, such as mesifurane additives are a key part of this emerging trend as they add more appeal to the products, without mitigating their health benefits. According to reports, searches for natural ingredients and products saw a prolific rise in recent months, as health-conscious consumers modify their food purchasing and consumption practices.

As the world moves towards a healthier food & beverage outlook over the foreseeable future, the demand for sophisticated organic and natural additive solutions is likely to witness a substantial surge, in turn, indicating a positive growth trajectory for the mesifurane market in the years to come.

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