GlycosBio build biochemicals production facility in Malaysia

GlycosBio to build biochemicals production facility in Malaysia

9:15 PM, 25th March 2012
GlycosBio to build biochemicals production facility in Malaysia

HOUSTON, US: US based biochemical producer, GlycosBio, is building its first commercial facility in southern Malaysia. The plant will be used to produce anhydrous ethanol and targeted biochemicals based on demand. GlycosBio’s bacterial fermentation platform can convert a variety of renewable, non-food feedstocks including crude glycerin from Southeast Asia and palm oil derivatives from the region into higher value biochemicals, such as bio-based synthetic isoprene monomer (Bio-SIM). Isoprene is a critical component of synthetic rubber and is globally in short supply.

“We think we’re approaching the market at the right scale for the opportunity with an initial capacity of 10 kilo tonne per year in 2013. We think southern Malaysia is a good place to start this project. Beside feedstock, we have good market access and an overall sound business environment. There is respect for private property and IP rights and we feel we can safeguard our business interests there,” explained Robert Toker, Vice President, Partnerships and Market Planning, GlycosBio.

The company’s Bio-SIM product will be sold into the growing synthetic rubber market in the region. According to some estimates, including the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology, the bio-based chemical market is expected to grow at over 20 per cent per year between now and 2017. The total value of the bio-based chemical market is expected to exceed $500 billion by 2017. GlycosBio has plans to develop four production facilities over the next 60 months.

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