Growing food industry support market growth

Growing food industry to support market growth

5:58 AM, 28th March 2018
Growing food industry to support market growth
Marine enzymes are bioactive elements obtained from aquatic plants and animals. (File photo)

Marine Enzymes market size will witness a significant growth owing to its use in food & beverage, medicine, nutraceutical and cosmetic industry. These have omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids used that are used in nutraceutical industry. Its use as a natural ingredient in health and dietary supplement industry has increased. These are widely used in skin and hair care products due to their anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic properties.

Growing food industry will support marine enzymes market growth owing to its usage as a colouring agent. Their consumption has spurred with ban on synthetic food colours. These are used in food to improve its quality and increase the shelf life of processed products. Further, with ongoing research and development activities for its use in bio fuels and bio fertilizers are anticipated to propel marine enzymes market.

Marine enzymes are bioactive elements obtained from aquatic plants and animals. They are used in mineralization of organic matter in aquatic environment and help in secondary production. Some commonly used marine enzymes are amylases, lipases and dnases. These are preferred over traditional enzymes as they are thermoresistant and perform well at high temperature, pH and salt concentration. Thus, they can function well in heat sensitive processes. It is used as stabilizers and thickeners in various food products. Their use eliminates the antinutritive substance from nutritional raw materials.

However, high production cost is a major factor that restricts the growth of marine enzymes market. Further, these are extracted from extreme marine environments that are difficult to access. The growing concern over aquatic environment and stringent government regulations for human activities in these areas has confined their availability which may hamper the industry growth.

Marine enzymes are obtained from fungi, aquatic plants and animals. Animals are further classified into fishes, crabs, prawns and snakes. Fishes forms the key source for amylases and have major share in the industry. These have wide applications in manufacturing alcoholic beverages, animal feed, detergents and confectionaries. In addition, protein obtained from animals such as collagens can perform at extreme temperature and can be used in heat sensitive processes including, clarifying and gelling. Plants enzyme like spirulina have substantial share owing to their application in health supplements and pharmaceutical industry. Blue and green algae are key sources for marine enzymes market.

The product is used in numerous industries including, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, leather, paper and bio fuels. Food and beverage has major share owing to its application in processed foods, animal feed, dietary supplements, starch and sugar syrups. These are used in pharmaceutical industry as these help in treatment of heart diseases and are anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. They are used in cosmetic industry for the treatment of wrinkles and aging symptoms as these are major sources for antioxidants.

North America, led by the US has largest share in global marine enzymes market with its application in food processing and cosmetic industry. Europe marine enzymes market has significant share with rise in health consciousness in people. In addition, European Space Agency along with NASA is undergoing a research for their use in primary food for long term space missions.

Asia pacific marine enzymes market has substantial share with the growing cosmetic and health supplement industry. The cosmetic industry in this region has shown a rapid growth due to changing lifestyle of the people. Middle East & Africa and Latin America have decent share with its consumption in pharmaceutical segment.

Marine enzymes market is consolidate owing to presence of few top players in the industry. Major industry players are Biolume, Biotec Pharmacon, DASK, Arcticzymes, Novozymes, Nova Nordisk, Alligator Bioscience and Actelian. Companies are adopting numerous strategies to capture this emerging market by mergers, acquisitions, new product launch and exploring into new regions to increase their industry share. For instance, Biotec Pharmacon a key player in this market, has registered and filed 510K application for establishing itself in the US market. This will help the company to increase its industry share in the region.

Source: Global Market Insights

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