Huntsman Textiles National Chinese Textiles joint venture provide textile solutions

Huntsman Textiles and National Chinese Textiles joint venture to provide textile solutions

4:17 AM, 6th December 2011
Huntsman Textiles and National Chinese Textiles joint venture to provide textile solutions

BEIJING, CHINA: Huntsman Textile Effects (HTE) and the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) has joined forces as strategic partners to further efforts in providing total textile solutions that will deliver and enhance economic and environmental sustainability for the China textile industry.

Huntsman Textile Effects will be working with CNTAC on two major initiatives that will set to improve mill productivity, efficiencies and to raise the performance of China’s textile markets to world class standards.

Huntsman Textile Effects and CNTAC will also be embarking on a sequence of joint activities to boost and promote these programs through conferences, technical events and media to create a new buzz in the industry.

Commenting on the significance of this agreement, Mr. Sun Ruizhe, Vice Chairman, CNTAC remarked, “Besides setting a standard for the global textile markets to emulate, this move will transform the China textile industry from a follower to become a world-class leader and innovator for the global textile market. This partnership will radically change the way we operate, from focusing solely on production in the past to now looking into the entire value chain starting from the initial product to end-consumer, to the intangibles involved in product innovation and towards a more structured and orderly competitive environment for China.”

Mr. Rohit Aggarwal, Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Planning, said “HTE shares the same vision with CNTAC, in developing a world class textile hub in China and to help Chinese textile industry increase their market influence in the global textile markets through the use of better technology, innovation and the use of environmentally friendly dyes and additives that will protect the health and well-being of our consumers.”


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