Increase in number pharma companies drive market

Increase in number of pharma companies to drive market

11:41 AM, 11th December 2018
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Market Overview

Silanes are homologues of saturated carbon-hydrogen compounds ie. of alkanes. All silanes share a general formula: SinH2n+2. Silanes made of silicon and hydrogen only are called unsubstituted silanes and are very unstable thus can only be produced in the absence of oxygen. There are various types of silanes namely methylsilanes, silanols, chlorosilanes etc. Silanes consist of one or more silicon atoms linked to each other or one or more atoms of other chemical elements as the tetrahedral centers of multiple single bonds.

Commercially available silanes are synthetically derived. In the silanes family, each silicon atom has four bonds and each hydrogen atom is attached with a silicon atom. A series of linked silicon atoms is called silicon backbone or silicon skeleton. The simplest possible silane is the parent molecule known as silane with the chemical formula SiH4. Any number of silicon atoms can be linked together while the only limitation being that the molecule is acyclic, a hydrosilicon and is saturated.

Silanes have a moderate biological activity and are highly reactive. Silanes can be arranged in various ways if arranged with more than three silicon atoms thus forms structural isomers. Silanes are non-conductors of electricity. The basic raw materials used in the production of silanes are silicone metal and methanol. Some of the major applications of silanes are rubber and plastics, fiber treatment, adhesives and sealants, paint and coatings and others.

Market Segmentation

The global silanes market can be segmented on the basis of type, application and geography. On the basis of types, the global silanes market can be bifurcated into organo-functional silanes and mono-chloro silanes. On account of application, the global silanes market can be segmented into rubber and plastics, fiber treatment, adhesives and sealants, paint and coatings and others (personal care, photovoltaics, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing equipment etc). On the basis of geography, the global silanes market can be segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Market Drivers and Restraints

Increasing number of pharmaceutical industries is a key factor account for the growth of the major silanes market. Moreover, innovations in technology and governmental regulations on deployment of conventional sources of energy like photovoltaics is a key element driving the growth of the global silanes market. Furthermore, rising demands of high-quality personal care products and growing paints and coatings industry are some major elements fuelling the growth of the global silanes market. Unstable behavior of silanes is a key challenge in the growth of the global silanes market. Inability to withstand static pressure also makes it a key restraint in the growth of the global silanes market especially in paints and coatings industry.

Key Players

Some of the major players involved in the production of silanes are Silicones Europe, Onichem, Dynasylan, Dow Corning, Haohua Industry, OCI Materials, USI Chemical, Yingde Gases, Air Products, Fujian Norcy New Material, Momentive Performance Materials and others.

Source: Persistence Market Research

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