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11th February 2019

Analyzing 2018 automotive color distribution

Among the diverse range of color shades, blue is the most popular, followed by red.

7th August 2018

Making the future of mobility

Chemicals and specialty materials in electric, autonomous, and shared vehicles.

7th August 2018

Re-Imagining Mobility

India is expected to be a leader in shared mobility by 2030.

7th August 2018

Getting up to speed on the new mobility

The signs of a revolution in the global automotive industry are unmistakable.

28th June 2017

Skin-massaging rejuvenating device

Mechanobiological approach for skin cells regeneration.

5th April 2017

Epigenetic approach for skin rejuvenation

REPROAGE peptide solution is owned by The Lubrizol Corporation or its affiliates

3rd April 2017

Innovating to launch customised surfactants

Traditional dispersants are typically antagonised by high electrolyte environments

1st March 2017

Stable emulsions with a dietary fiber

Alphadextrin opens up a new emulsifying and texturizing technology

17th February 2017

Reinvigorating Omega-3 Category: Next generation EPA and DHA technology for more targeted health

DSM has recently developed a proprietary process that gives manufacturers more versatility to innovate than ever before.

9th February 2017

How chemistry drives automotive success

BASF's continued contribution to enhanced automotive technology and components engineering has been amply demonstrated in recent times