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8th July 2019

Steeled for competition

The chemical industry has one thing in common with many other industries: the mood is considerably worse than the actual situation.

7th May 2019

Key trends influencing Middle East chemical industry

Players in the Middle East are investing increasingly larger amounts in acquiring the latest technologies and widening the product portfolio.

8th April 2019

Trade environment changes

Tariffs are mitigation strategies impacting the investment and growth strategies of chemical companies?

8th April 2019

The new frontier winning in the African oil and gas industry

Angola also has the fourth-largest proven natural gas reserves, although the country only produces small amounts commercially.

8th April 2019

Status and prospects of Brazil paint & coatings market

All key global players have a presence in Brazil, adding to local businesses to ensure quality raw materials.

11th December 2018

Anchor of country's modern economy

Australia's chemical industry is of strategic importance to the sustainable development of the country's economy.

12th November 2018

Continual evolution due to opportunities offered by the dragon economy

The specialty chemicals market in China has been witnessing rapid growth in the last decade compared to the rest of the world.

6th October 2018

Increased investments: Focus shifts to reduce reliance on oil exports

Saudi Arabia's chemical sector is among the largest in the Middle East.

6th September 2018

New deals for Japanese chemical companies

The Japanese chemical industry has downsized facilities by about 10 percent over the past 5 years, helping companies to remain competitive.

9th July 2018

Multiverse as a goldilocks economy

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