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26th May 2022

A “lift and shift” approach to R&D may put your whole operation at risk

Despite having well-publicized incidents around the world, many organizations fail to recognize the significant and unique operational risks associated with research & development activities.

29th April 2022

Agrochemicals are used in agriculture to address growing food demand

Various research studies indicate that fertilizers, pesticides used in agriculture have been substantially increased in developed and developing countries

29th April 2022

Growth of electronic devices in APAC, LAMEA to boost plasticizers market

The global plasticizers market is driven by rise in demand for flexible PVC, increase in adoption of non-phthalate & high molecular weight phthalate plasticizers and growth in packaging industries.

29th April 2022

Growing cosmetics demand worldwide to fuel 2-phenylethanol market

Growing availability of multiple substitutes such as Salicylic Acid and Linalool for the 2-phenylethanol market could hinder demand over the upcoming years.

29th April 2022

Oil & Gas downstream market to grow as refining capacity rises in APAC, Middle-East

The growing share of fuel-efficient vehicles and increasing penetration of electric vehicles in both developed and emerging economies is expected to hinder the global oil & gas market growth.

29th April 2022

Rise in animal feed demand to propel butyric acid derivatives market

Butyric acid derivatives, such as butyric acid salts and esters, are used as feed additives in the poultry industry. Thus, poultry is a prominent segment of the butyric acid derivatives market.

29th April 2022

LNG liquefaction, polymer production to dominate cryogenic ethylene market

Strong market penetration can be observed on the back of rising refinery petrochemical projects that will proportionately reduce inorganic sales and induce organic sales of cryogenic ethylene.

25th March 2022

Reduction in farming profits to have negative impact on market

Biopesticides segment is driven by a growing awareness of sustainable food production, farmers' concerns about excessive chemical use, and rising costs of chemical crop protection

25th March 2022

Rapid urbanization to drive growth of construction chemicals market

To achieve aesthetic, functional and design necessities of civil structures, specialty materials are mixed in a definite quantity with the construction materials.

25th March 2022

Shift towards natural or organic dyes on growing consumer awareness

A shift from using synthetic dyes to natural or organic dyes has been observed, majorly due to high presence of hazardous chemical content in synthetic ones and growing awareness among users. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X