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29th April 2020

Need for India's chemical sector to be future-ready

Coronavirus crisis has severely hit the Indian economy which was already under a severe slowdown.

29th April 2020

Being ready to face emergency, disaster situations

Chemical companies manufacturing various classes of disinfectants are also increasing production.

10th June 2019

Committed to search for non-hazardous materials

The European Commission has launched an extensive programme towards a circular economy which also aims at higher recycling rates for packaging.

7th March 2019

Multiple opportunities in emerging markets

The sheer volume of regulations in Canada is the number one challenge for coatings companies here.

7th March 2019

Draping the economic growth of India

Technical textiles are the most promising and fastest growing areas of Indian textiles industry.

6th October 2018

New age hues

The industry has taken many steps to reduce pollution.

6th September 2018

About essence and aroma

Every essential oil has its own uniqueness and are used in different application.

6th September 2018

Rising up to the potential

The solution providers need to work alongside the manufacturers for the industry to benefit as a whole.

16th May 2018

Painting new possibilities

Coatings exports and imports are of little significance in Brazil.

12th April 2018

Opportunities driving US speciality chemicals market

The impact of shale gas on the US economy also has been significant and is continuing to increase.

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