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8th July 2019

Insights into the export potential of has a database consisting of 1 million chemicals along with their specified manufacturers, traders, suppliers and also its properties.

8th July 2019

Being future ready with materials for tomorrow

On the brighter side, Indian consumers are now looking for higher quality, higher performance products and we expect that to level out with other major economies in Asia Pacific.

8th July 2019

Progressive government policies, to support pumps market

Growing paints, pigments and ink industries in India might also boost the possibilities.

10th June 2019

Key to growth: Customer driven innovation and sustainable solutions to improve resource efficiency

For coating raw materials, the main trend is focusing on greener chemistries, meaning bio-based and renewable materials.

10th June 2019

Revamps, Upgradations, Modernisations: The best phase for EPC industry

India is the third largest energy consumer in the world and the demand for primary energy requirement is expected to increase three folds by 2035.

7th May 2019

New Vehicles, New Lubes: Being ready before the gear shifts

Synthetic lubricants have a bigger role to play as most industries are looking for high performance products.

8th April 2019

Need for biosurfactants will continue to rise

In the oil industry there is little R&D needed prior to full scale use of rhamnolipids, making it readymade market.

8th April 2019

Expansion of refineries to support EPC market growth

The investment in the refineries is also creating feedstock opportunities for petrochemical and chemicals production.

8th April 2019

Addressing the needs of emerging markets

Quarter turn valves are becoming more and more popular and can offer a solution to problems that linear globe valves are not able to solve.

7th March 2019

Foaming Opportunities

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