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2nd March 2021

Global trends and development in the industrial gases market.

There have been several changes in the industrial gases market due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, affecting many operational activities and leading to a slowdown in some areas of the market

1st March 2021

Renewables can address mega climate change, plastic waste concerns

The growing focus on renewable fuels and polymers & chemicals will play an important role in combating the issue of climate change in the long run.

1st February 2021

Global trends making a difference for oil & gas, chemical industries.

The oil & gas along with the chemical industry is going through a major shift, driven primarily by factors such as climate change, technological advancement and geo-politics.

5th January 2021

Customer farming practices shift toward holistic approaches

India is the second-largest consumer of fertilizers in the world with an annual consumption of more than 55 million metric ton. Urea is one of the highest consumed fertilizers as a source of nitrogen.

2nd January 2021

Customer, consumer, investor focus to drive sustainability

For the chemical industry sustainably advantaged products continue to outperform in terms of sales growth, and this trend will continue in the future as well.

2nd January 2021

Environment-friendly, energy-efficient innovative paint process

A new, innovative paint application EcoPaintJet looks at the basic idea that is to prevent atomization, which inevitably produces uncontrollable droplets and thus overspray

30th November 2020

Agrochemical industry leads in innovation and transformation

New technological innovations are changing every aspect in the food chain from seed to seed

30th November 2020

Moving towards a 'make-use-recycle-reuse' economy

Megatrends that makes the chemical industry adopt sustainability.

30th November 2020

Digitization, cooperation, customer orientation – a must for chemical logistics

Digitalization, technology application in chemical logistics is a mega trend for the industry.

23rd November 2020

Supporting operations to run more safely, more sustainably, more reliably

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