Chemistry Industry Interviews - World Of Chemicals

6th September 2018

Quality material = Faster construction = Higher productivity

Government initiatives like smart cities and RERA will provide positive tailwinds to the growth of the construction chemicals segment.

6th September 2018

Lighting up with sustainability

Silicones are very useful in the energy transmission and distribution industry.

6th September 2018

Leather buzz: Comfort and chic

Cromogenia, as one of the leading manufacturers in the world in terms of volume, is developing new solutions in all parts of the process.

6th September 2018

Upgrading coating solutions

Potential of new age coating technologies.

7th August 2018

Precaution and preparedness: Key to handle oil spills

When it comes to the use of chemicals when dealing with a spill, we would consider using dispersants and surface washing agents in particular circumstances.

7th August 2018

Dripping with 'fatty' opportunities

Founded in 1840, Emery Oleochemicals is a pioneer in the oleochemicals industry.

7th August 2018

Technology is changing the industry dynamics

Digitization helps you to develop and enhance these attributes and allow you to be more streamlined.

7th August 2018

Adapting to modern paint demands

The Indian paints & coatings industry has developed and adapted the best technology available to make the environment clean and to reduce toxicity in paints.

7th August 2018

Providing best solution at right price

GemmeCotti provides pumps both in PP or PVDF, but also in AISI 316, according to the liquid that they are used for.

21st July 2018

Right material and coating selection is the key

Corrosion monitoring also plays an important role to avoid huge losses which we incur due to ignorance.