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Plant Visit News

2nd February 2021

Making the Metro train run in the country

The rechargeable battery market in India is said to witness strong growth over the coming decades.

7th March 2020

Growing to become a major league player

The company also ensures that it implements world-class management tools to increase the efficiency of the organisation.

11th February 2019

Making strides to strengthen India on global map

IPL's journey has just begun and there are milestones to cross as it personifies success.

7th August 2018

With perfection, from Milan

Mapei India opened its first plant in in 2011 in Bengaluru spreading across 2 acres, the plant mainly focuses on powders and liquids.

29th May 2017

Building a strong 'Brand' identity

Majorly concentrating its efforts to meet the domestic demand which is very strong and evenly poised.

16th February 2017

A story sweetened over the years

Godavari is a story sweetened over 77 years and stands on the pillars of three generations.

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