Introducing first hydro lubricant gears

Introducing first hydro lubricant for gears

10:01 AM, 20th July 2018
Introducing first hydro lubricant for gears

Kluber Lubrication with the new hydro lubricants has succeeded in developing homogeneous lubricants using water as a functional constituent, thus making use of the positive effects of water. This approach offers important benefits both in terms of lubricant performance and sustainability.

The high-performance lubricant Klubersustain GW 0-460 for industrial gears is the first product from the innovative Hydro Lubricant series.

Klübersustain GW 0-460 has been developed especially for high-speed spur, bevel and planetary gears, as its low foaming tendency ensures uninterrupted operation of components. Its good electric conductivity also protects components against electro-corrosion.

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