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21st June 2018

Smart solutions for paint shop 4.0

Eisenmann solutions for paint shops arouse great interest.

18th June 2018

Driving profitability with perfect- fit control solution

Experion LX - Your control solution partner for greater process efficiency, batch repeatability, production flexibility, and agility.

25th April 2018

Total, Google Cloud to develop AI solutions for oil exploration

Total started applying artificial intelligence to characterize oil & gas fields using machine learning algorithms in the 1990s.

11th April 2018

Driving profits through digital technologies

Digital Technologies in Chemical Plant Operations are now beginning to Drive Profits and Fueling Further Investments, finds Accenture research.

11th April 2018

Time to move beyond ageing assets, there is a new plant in town

With the digital landscape changing rapidly, chemical producers are looking to technology to help solve their issues with a quick ROI.

6th April 2018

Rockwell's new Micro PLC can reduce complexity of large standalone machines

Allen-Bradley Micro870 PLC, new flagship of Micro800 family, can be used in place of multiple micro PLCs.

5th April 2018

Rockwell's new Studio software enhances productivity, reduces design time

Latest release includes modern user interface and productivity-enhancing features across all applications.

21st March 2018

DSM launches new website for powder coating solutions

Uralac Ultra was developed specifically for use on MDF and other heat sensitive wood products.

13th March 2018

Manufacturing analytics for operation excellence

Analytic models and approach to build the models enable chemical manufacturer to enhance their performance and drive them towards operational excellence in true sense.

1st March 2018

Honeywell inaugurates first cyber security centre in Middle East

New state-of-the-art center to strengthen regional cyber security preparedness for industrial and critical infrastructure.

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