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IT In Chemicals News

4th May 2022

Future of fulfillment for Chemical Companies

To address complexity while delivering on customer demands more effectively and efficiently, chemical companies are now looking to enhance their supply chain capabilities.

3rd May 2022

How Industry 4.Now will Impact the Chemical Sector

Industry 4.Now focuses on using digital technology to gather and analyze data across machines and business systems by enabling faster, more efficient processes

25th March 2022

Decarbonizing aluminium with industrial clusters

The aluminium sector recognizes the need for decarbonization. The cost and technical challenges of implementing decarbonization solutions remain significant barriers.

25th March 2022

Emerging smarter: Digital transformation for healthy and resilient societies

Employees and leaders at major organizations are embracing their missions to serve by using design thinking, agile development, cognitive process automation and digital reinvention to emerge smarter.

25th March 2022

Airtel Business, IBM to deploy hybrid cloud for milk producer companies

Five milk producing companies (MPCs), will move their SAP ERP workloads to a hybrid cloud platform, set up by Airtel, hosted on IBM Power Systems.

25th March 2022

Cloud Services to help Oil & Gas sector accelerate Energy Transition

Collaboration will bring together Amazon Web Services and IBM Open Data for industries for a comprehensive OSDU™ data solution.

4th March 2022

Beauty companies look to make data-driven decisions in a competitive market

The global artificial intelligence (AI) in beauty and cosmetics market is expected to be worth $13.34 billion by 2030.

4th March 2022

AI-powered at-home system for skincare and cosmetics

L'Oreal integrates Perso, an AI-powered at-home system that represents the ultimate in beauty personalization.

28th February 2022

Steps to success for back-office digitalization

Chemical companies' net-zero targets, whether driven by government demands or customer preferences, will require new investments across the full chemical value chain.

31st January 2022

Digitalization of Construction industry: Revolution is Underway

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