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16th July 2020

How technology is transforming the specialty chemical ecosystem

For specialty chemicals, there is always room for innovation and the ability to enhance product performance at a lower cost.

8th July 2020

Maintaining cyber security vigilance during business continuity challenges

To mitigate COVID-19 spread, chemicals and performance technologies organizations are forced to increase their reliance on remote access and fewer on-site operational staff

5th March 2020

A game plan for quantum computing

Quantum computers are intrinsically well suited to tackle this problem, since the interaction of atoms within a molecule is itself a quantum system.

25th November 2019

Aspen Technology launches new workflow management solution

Organizations struggle to identify, analyze and derive value from their data lakes, and that challenge is set to grow.

11th November 2019

Bioelectronics 'jump-start' next wave of device therapeutics

The extent to which the electrical systems of the body contribute to healthy functioning and disease remains underappreciated, even within the medical field.

11th November 2019

Rise of artificial intelligence across biopharma

The building blocks of a successful digital transformation include supportive leadership and a culture of collaboration and experimentation.

21st October 2019

Total to open Digital Factory in Paris by early 2020

Furthering its ambition of becoming the responsible energy major.

21st October 2019

Sanofi opens world's first digital manufacturing facility in US

One of the first digital manufacturing facilities in the world to use continuous, intensified biologics production technology.

10th October 2019

Quantum Computing - A truly disruptive force for chemicals?

Currently quantum computers are still a lab curiosity and researchers produce qubits, among others, from ions or superconducting loops, so-called SQUIDs.

10th October 2019

The next big thing - Quantum Computing's potential impact on chemicals

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