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26th February 2021

Three changes in chemical sales that aren't changing back

Some chemicals producers may remember 2020 as the best of times. Certainly, anyone producing chemicals that went into cleaning, hygiene or protective plastics saw their business grow wildly.

4th January 2021

Advancements in Cycle Time Monitoring: Driven by Vision Intelligence

The advancement of technology has always enhanced productivity levels in manufacturing. Today, real-time monitoring and advanced data analytics are driving the growth for this sector in various ways.

26th November 2020

Bio-electromagnetic simulation for design, development of medical devices

The idea here is that different kinds of medical devices would be connected to each other and to the cloud where remote health monitoring and diagnosis would be seamlessly enabled.

21st November 2020

Remaking of chemical industries

Responding to pressure in the disruptive era

29th October 2020

Ways in which digital technology can help drug makers fight COVID-19

The pharma industry has played a vital part in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, supplying life-saving drugs that can help patients recover from coronavirus.

15th October 2020

Aspen Technology offers new industrial AI solutions for process industries

Aspen Technology Hybrid Models™ and embedded AI capabilities will change how process industries achieve goals for improved safety, environmental impact, reliability and profitability.

6th October 2020

Using blockchain, wearable technology to predict patient health

Wearable technology has opened to door to many people where we are finally able to monitor our fitness levels and sleeping patterns

5th October 2020

Tech-enabled asset productivity in chemicals & agriculture

Selecting the right combination of traditional and tech-enabled maintenance and reliability solutions is critical to delivering improved performance and higher operating margins.

3rd October 2020

Circular Economy and Application in the Chemical Industry

Most companies are in the early stages of understanding what the circular economy means and how they could work within it uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X