KFC launch edible coffee cups made cookies

KFC to launch edible coffee cups made of cookies

6:17 AM, 27th February 2015
KFC to launch edible coffee cups made of cookies

LONDON, UK: People in the UK who for some reason buy coffee at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) are in for a bit of a treat later this year - a limited-edition edible coffee cup made out of something sweet. KFC is rolling out a new coffee cup later this year to celebrate its 50th anniversary, but instead of traditional coffee cup materials, the new Scoff-ee Cup is made out of a cookie.

At select KFC restaurants in the UK, the company will use a coffee cup that’s fashioned out of a cookie wrapped in edible sugar paper and fortified with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate that helps keep the cookie crispy and your coffee hot. As you drink your joe, the chocolate lining melts over time, making your coffee a bit sweeter and softening the cookie so it sort of melts in your mouth. Once you’ve finished drinking your brew, you can eat the cup for dessert. And, of course, the cup’s zero waste.

To make things better/worse, the cups, which were designed in partnership with experimental food experts The Robin Collective, are also infused with scents said to help improve mood. These include the likes of coconut sun cream, freshly cut grass and wildflowers, which I guess are scents people actually want to smell while drinking coffee and eating a cookie cup?

The Scoff-ee cup will make its debut in select KFC restaurants in the UK later this year. If you live or are traveling near a participating store, you might want to check it out for novelty’s sake. Though, be warned, KFC isn’t exactly known for its coffee.


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