Kraiburg thermoplastic elastomers for safety in medical tubing applications

10:58 AM, 4th May 2021
Kraiburg TPE provides thermoplastic elastomer compounds for the growing sector of medical tubing. They are used for a number of very different important tasks, such as delivering intravenous medication and in catheter systems.

WALDKRAIBURG, GERMANY: Kraiburg TPE said it offers THERMOLAST® M TPE compounds that conform to the purity and safety specifications required in medical tubing applications. Thermoplastic elastomers have been used in many important application areas in the medical sector due to the purity and safety of the materials as they comply with stringent regulations for medical products. One such sector that is growing is medical tubing, which is used for a number of very different important tasks, such as delivering intravenous medication and in catheter systems.

The company provides custom solutions for multiple industries, offers high quality and custom-engineered THERMOLAST® M TPE compounds for medical tubing and are a premier choice in today’s medical sector.

Meeting the tight controls in the medical sector

KRAIBURG TPE’s compounds meet the specifications in the medical sector due to their high degree of purity (low level of extractables) and biocompatibility. The compounds also meet the requirements of medical-grade plastics, in accordance to VDI 2017 and have the ISO 10993-05 certification.
Besides displaying very good sealing and adhesion properties, the TPE compounds also have very low emissions, good reusability and are cost effective. Additionally, they are free from animal ingredients.

Easy processability

KRAIBURG’s compounds for medical tubing possess good processability, which makes them ideal for all conventional injection molding and extrusion. These TPE compounds also feature good extrudability and good mechanical properties, making them an excellent choice for medical tubing. With the high transparency and availability of pre-coloring options, the compounds provide greater design freedom for medical tubing applications. The company also provides a unique medical service package that focuses on customer needs in constantly recording the manufacturing process in the drug master file (DMF) for THERMOLAST® M.

The company also guarantees a 24-month supply security and purity of raw materials through the commitment of our suppliers and a dedicated production unit for THERMOLAST® M to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of our TPEs.

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