Lanxess expand Saltigo’s synthesis capacity, invests €60 mn

Lanxess to expand Saltigo’s synthesis capacity, invests €60 mn

11:59 AM, 6th November 2015
Lanxess to expand Saltigo’s synthesis capacity, invests €60 mn

LEVERKUSEN, GREMANY: Lanxess AG said it is investing around 60 million to expand its Leverkusen production facilities of Saltigo GmbH, a leading supplier in the field of exclusive synthesis.

The construction launch is scheduled for the middle of next year, while production should start at the end of 2017. The expansion should create 10 new jobs.

The biggest single investment in Saltigo since it was founded as a fine chemicals company in 2006 should sustainably strengthen the Lanxess subsidiary’s market position, it said.

“Once again this year, we have many projects in the pipeline and see further growth potential,” said Wolfgang Schmitz, managing director, Saltigo.

This is why the Lanxess subsidiary is significantly expanding its multi-purpose production facilities in the Central Organics Pilot Plant (ZeTO). “This expansion will further expand our flexibility and also ensure in the future that Saltigo remains optimally positioned in the dynamic custom manufacturing market,” added Schmitz.

“In the crop protection segment alone we anticipate annual market growth of 3 percent on average through 2025 despite weaker demand at the moment. To grow with our customers, we are expanding synthesis capacities for custom manufacturing in the ZeTO by around a third,” said Schmitz. A part of these future capacities is already contractually secured.

“Our core business primarily revolves around custom manufacturing for the life science industries, particularly for the agrochemical sector. We have had great success with this in the past and the outlook for the future looks promising too,” said Jorg Schneider, head of marketing, Saltigo.

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