LG Chem expand TFT-LCD polarizer production in China

LG Chem to expand TFT-LCD polarizer production in China

6:38 AM, 31st March 2015
LG Chem to expand TFT-LCD polarizer production in China

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: LG Chem, Korea’s largest chemical company, will invest $100 million to expand TFT-LCD polarizer production in Nanjing, China. A polarizer is a multi-layered optical film used for transmitting light in the Thin Film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) modules that is mainly used in mobile gadgets, laptops, display monitors and televisions.

The expansion will increase LG Chem’s annual production capacity to 64 million m2 from the current 40 million m2. This is the largest capacity in China that is equivalent to assemble 24 million televisions. (42-inch) LG Chem currently has 2 production lines operating in Nanjing. The new expansion is a move to build an additional line, starting from April to be completed by the 1st half of 2016.

“LG Chem will continue to lead the polarizer market with differentiated materials and technology. By enlarging our local production capacity in China, LG Chem’s will increase the Chinese market share of polarizers up to 35 per cent and firmly secure the No.1 position,” said LG Chem officials.


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