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23rd July 2018

DB Schenker to setup logistics centre in Pinghu, China

DB Schenker is one of the world's largest logistics service providers.

17th July 2018

Everything you need to know about transporting chemicals

Transporting chemicals over state lines comes with its own unique set of paperwork and headaches.

16th July 2018

Olefin trade not helping LPG shipowners

The market has been under pressure since 2017, but olefin trade growth has averaged 3.1 percent annually over 2012-17, down from 4.0 percent during 2007-12.

18th June 2018

Demand for high-quality industrial packaging solutions rises

Fiber Barrels offer cost-effective and lightweights packaging containers usually to handle medium to heavyweight jobs.

15th March 2018

Handysize LPG vessels to be worst performers in 2018

Small LPG vessel segment is expected to be the best performer in 2018.

26th February 2018

LDPE to emerge preferred material for cubitainers

Food & beverage industry is likely to emerge as one of the largest users of cubitainers.

19th February 2018

Tax overhaul reshaping India supply chains, transport networks

Report shows GST will drive growth despite jolt from recent move to replace currency notes.

17th February 2018

Best antifouling protection for slow steaming and idle times

Protective anti-fouling coatings prevent fouling organisms from attaching to the ship's hull during service, thereby avoiding a rise in fuel consumption and stack emissions.

4th January 2018

A better outlook for chemical tankers

The recent reduction in US exports, as a result of Hurricane Harvey, which had a negative impact on the chemical shipping trade, is expected to prove only temporary.

26th December 2017

GKE, Kleio forms chemical warehousing JV in Singapore

Further expands the GKE's specialised chemical services to handle and store hazardous chemicals to packed products, ISO Tanks and chemical drumming.

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