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Logistics News

7th March 2019

Stepping stone to logistical excellence

To start the work, we needed to agree on what we wanted to achieve.

12th November 2018

China prepares for life without US LNG

Imports from the US will be more expensive, as a 10 percent tariff will push the costs of US LNG to over $11.00/MMBtu.

12th November 2018

Low-sulphur rule exposes widespread concern – Lack of fuel cost transparency

Low-sulphur marine fuel prices per tonne will be 55 percent higher than current high-sulphur fuels.

12th November 2018

Why pharma companies must strengthen the coldest link in the chain

The pharmaceuticals industry is a particularly important component of the country's exports basket.

6th September 2018

Tosoh Logistics to set up largest integrated logistics center in Western Japan

The new facility will be the company's third large-scale logistics warehouse in the Shunan area.

23rd July 2018

DB Schenker to setup logistics centre in Pinghu, China

DB Schenker is one of the world's largest logistics service providers.

17th July 2018

Everything you need to know about transporting chemicals

Transporting chemicals over state lines comes with its own unique set of paperwork and headaches.

16th July 2018

Olefin trade not helping LPG shipowners

The market has been under pressure since 2017, but olefin trade growth has averaged 3.1 percent annually over 2012-17, down from 4.0 percent during 2007-12.

18th June 2018

Demand for high-quality industrial packaging solutions rises

Fiber Barrels offer cost-effective and lightweights packaging containers usually to handle medium to heavyweight jobs.

15th March 2018

Handysize LPG vessels to be worst performers in 2018

Small LPG vessel segment is expected to be the best performer in 2018.