Lonza Expand Early Phase Manufacturing Capacity in China

Lonza to Expand Early Phase Manufacturing Capacity in China

8:07 PM, 16th December 2011
Lonza to Expand Early Phase Manufacturing Capacity in China
Lonza Nansha site in China.

BASEL, SWITZERLAND: Lonza plans expansion of its early phase manufacturing capacity in Nansha, China. The extended capabilities and infrastructure successfully brought online this year will help Lonza meet growing demands of its global small molecule customers.

The Nansha site currently operates two small scale trains supplying clinical material, three large scale API trains for metric tonne and cGMP laboratories to meet gram-scale demands. The small scale capacity was increased in 2011 with a new cGMP kilo-lab and an additional small scale train that have already successfully provided material to support clinical trials for its customers.

The investment in kilogramme-scale and small scale production capacity has allowed Lonza to offer increased flexibility and ability to quickly respond to customer needs for clinical material. These enhanced capabilities, along with existing R&D and QA/QC expertise, will help Lonza to comprehensively address its customers’ small molecules manufacturing needs.

“This investment speeds our efforts to establish the Lonza Nansha site as a standard of quality to serve our global customer base for all material needs from gram-scale to metric tonne. With this expansion, the Nansha site now offers a fully integrated end-to-end development and manufacturing solution for small molecules,” said Stefan Stoffel, Head, Chemical Manufacturing Business Unit, Lonza.

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