Maezio: Covestro’s new brand thermoplastic composites

Maezio: Covestro's new brand for thermoplastic composites

11:37 AM, 7th August 2018
Maezio: Covestro’s new brand for thermoplastic composites
Lightweight and very thin laptop covers with novel optical surface effects are a potential application for CFRTPs.

LEVERKUSEN, GERMANY: Covestro AG is pushing ahead with developing and marketing its continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTP) by introducing Maezio as brand name.

These innovative materials are set to tap into the growing demand worldwide for strong and light materials that contribute to resource conservation and energy efficiency. From mobility and electronics industries to consumer goods and medical products, OEMs and part suppliers can benefit from the high-performance capabilities of advanced composites while enjoying cost-effective and scalable manufacturing solutions offered by Maezio.

“The brand gives us a clear and strong identity to further expand our expertise in thermoplastic composites. We believe the new brand can truly bring value to next-generation products across industries by delivering a combination of lightweight construction, specific strengths and finishes at a scale unreachable by advanced materials today,” said David Hartmann, Co-CEO of CFRTP, one of the two Co-CEOs for CFRTP composites alongside Dr Michael Schmidt.

Material of tomorrow

The composite material of the future is based on continuous carbon or glass fibers impregnated with polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) or other thermoplastic resins. From these components, Covestro produces uni-directional reinforced tapes and sheets at the production site in Markt Bibart in south Germany for further processing by customers. Being strong, light, and aesthetic, these components can be combined into an unlimited number of products, giving designers completely new creative opportunities.

So far a further propagation of advanced composites was hampered by lack of cost-effective and scalable manufacturing processes. Besides that it is difficult to integrate them into high-volume products. All of this is about to change with Maezio composites.

Suitable for mass production

They can be thermoformed with existing thermoforming tools at high yield rates and low cycle times. This is vital when manufacturing scales can be in the range of millions of parts per year. Other production technologies such as hybrid injection molding, automated UD tape laying and automated fiber placement can be easily integrated.

As thermoplastic composites, Maezio™ products can be recycled at the end of their useful life, making them “a perfect example of what scalable and sustainable composite solutions look like in giving industries the material tools to push boundaries,” says Michael Schmidt.

Strong interest from many sectors

Maezio is attracting interest in such diverse segments as the electrical and electronics industry, the automotive business, household appliance manufacturers and furniture producers, medical technology, sports goods manufacturers, shoe producers and the luggage industry.

Haier, the world’s largest white goods brand, has launched a state-of-the-art air conditioner under its Casarte brand, which utilizes Maezio for the main housing of the product. In the world of footwear, the composites have helped Chinese athletic wear startup Bmai to develop even lighter and stronger marathon shoes which benefit athletes and leisure runners alike.

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