Merck, Agrimer produce first marine active ingredient, RonaCare RenouMer

Merck, Agrimer produce first marine active ingredient, RonaCare RenouMer

9:45 AM, 5th July 2016
Merck, Agrimer produce first marine active ingredient, RonaCare RenouMer

DARMSTADT, GERMANY: Merck & Co has entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with the French company Agrimer to use innovative marine active ingredients. This cooperation has now produced the first marine active ingredient from a new genetically decoded species of algae: RonaCare RenouMer is specifically designed to maintain the skin’s firmness and support collagen formation.

RonaCare RenouMer was developed from the rich cytoplasm of the red algae Polysiphonia elongata, which Agrimer discovered off the French Atlantic coast of Brittany. In the water, the algae is completely exposed to the sun and has developed interesting survival strategies. The effect of its cytoplasmic components of its cytoplasm, which are also beneficial to human cells, has been demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo: The components support collagen formation, thereby making the skin thicker and smoother, as well as creating the conditions to maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity.

RonaCare RenouMer combines the charm of marine active ingredients with the wish of consumers of every age to preserve the fresh and youthful appearance of their skin for as long as possible.

Cosmetic active ingredients from the sea are particularly attractive to consumers and the cosmetics industry, as they combine the desire for natural and sustainable products with the fascination of the unexplored depths of the ocean. The sea is one of the last secrets of our planet and a source of undiscovered substances for health and beauty. Agrimer is one of the most innovative companies in harvesting marine resources for cosmetics, foods, pharmacy, and agriculture.

“This active ingredient made from the cytoplasm of algae with its natural mechanism of action ideally complements our dermocosmetics portfolio,” said Karl-Christian Gallert, head of the cosmetics business at Merck.

“This new active ingredient is the result of an R&D program launched five years ago. It can be seen as the first important step in the development of innovative marine actives. We are very pleased that through the collaboration with Merck our products will now be available worldwide,” said Andre Prigent, president of Agrimer.

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