Messer industrial gases specialist invests €30 million constructing new production facility

Messer to build air gases production facility in Poland

7:42 AM, 7th August 2014
Messer industrial gases specialist invests €30 million constructing new production facility

TUREK, POLAND: Messer, the largest privately run industrial gases specialist, invests €30 million in Poland in the construction of a new production facility for air gases, such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon, and another three million euros in the construction of a new bottling plant for industrial gases in cylinders. The new production facility allows the production of high purity gases, such as for use in the medical, pharmaceutical or research, and will also meet the stringent legal requirements for the production of food gases.

“The Central Poland investment we want to participate in the high economic growth in Poland and the market share of diameter increase further. In addition, the reliability of supply for customers in central and northern Poland should be improved and the logistics costs are optimized. Investing is a result of consistent development strategy and, in addition to the air separation plant in Rybnik, the second of its kind in Poland,” said Dirk Funfhausen, CEO, Messer.


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