Mexichem signs definitive agreement in acquiring VESTOLIT GmbHH

Mexichem to acquire PVC producer, VESTOLIT

6:31 AM, 6th August 2014
Mexichem signs definitive agreement in acquiring VESTOLIT GmbHH

TLALNEPANTLA, ESTADO DE MEXICO: Mexichem, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire VESTOLIT GmbHH, the 6th largest producer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin in Europe Strategic Value Partners LLC for a total of € 219 million in cash and assumed liabilities, this acquisition is in line with the growth strategy for specialty products high value aggregate. This acquisition is subject to approval by the relevant authorities and is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2014 at which time the Company will consolidate this operation Chlorine-Vinyl Chain.

“VESTOLIT acquisition is aligned with our strategy to become a vertically integrated products with a focus on high value specialty chemical company overall. This transaction represents an opportunity to expand our presence in Europe, entering new market segments and acquire new technology and best practices to our global operation Chlorine-Vinyl Chain,” said Antonio Carrillo, Director General, Mexichem.

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