New algae ingredient, sustainable alternative fish oil

New algae ingredient, a sustainable alternative to fish oil

7:01 AM, 22nd November 2016
AlgaPrime DHA is a sustainable alternative to ingredients like fish oil and fishmeal, helping in the perseveration of marine environment.
AlgaPrime DHA is a sustainable alternative to ingredients like fish oil and fishmeal, helping in the preservation of the marine environment

SAN FRANCISCO, US: TerraVia Holdings Inc (TVIA) in collaboration with Bunge Limited (BG) has developed an omega-3-rich whole algae ingredient, AlgaPrime DHA. This ingredient maintains the levels of omega-3s in farmed salmon and the human diet and is a sustainably obtained substitute to fish oil ingredients, instantly meeting the rising consumer demand for salmon without further reducing marine fish stocks.

AlgaPrime DHA provides a sustainable, scalable and economically viable source of omega-3s. As an alternative to ingredients like fish oil and fishmeal that come from small oily fish, it can ease the industry’s reliance on wild fish capture and help preserve the marine environment.

Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing segments of the global food industry, providing nearly 50 percent of fish and seafood for human consumption according to a recent study by Stirling University.

The study tells that the amount of omega-3 fatty acid in farmed salmon in the UK has declined by 50 percent in the past 10 years, hence demanding consumers to eat double the portion of salmon to obtain the same amount of omega-3s. This drop is thought to be mainly due to changes in the way salmon are fed, as well as decreasing global stocks of small oily fish, which have been the main supplier of omega-3 fat in fish feed.

AlgaPrime DHA is currently produced at TerraVia and Bunge’s SB Renewable Oils joint venture facility in Brazil. The facility represents the values of sustainable production to produce algae-based products with low carbon, water and land use effects. Based on sugarcane feedstock, AlgaPrime DHA has a lower carbon and water footprint and higher yield per hectare than DHA produced from most other non-marine sources.

“Global demand for seafood is frequently increasing and the only way we can meet this demand without putting further pressure on wild fish stocks is through responsible aquaculture,” said Piers Hart, Global Lead for Aquaculture at the World Wildlife Foundation.

“Farmed salmon remains one of the richest sources of omega-3s, which are beneficial for human health and supporting healthy brain development. And in fact, farmed salmon delivers more omega-3s than wild caught salmon,” said Douglas Tocher, a professor at Stirling University and co-author of the study.

“AlgaPrime DHA contains approximately three times the level of DHA compared to fish oil. One tonne of AlgaPrime DHA is the equal of saving up to 40 tonnes of wild caught fish from our oceans on a DHA basis. Moreover, AlgaPrime DHA can help address consumer and retailer demand for responsibly sourced fish,” said Dr Walter Rakitsky, senior VP, emerging business, TerraVia.

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TerraVia, Bunge launch AlgaPrime DHA feed ingredient for aquaculture



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