New, high-end solutions demanding coatings applications

New, high-end solutions for demanding coatings applications

10:59 AM, 21st February 2018
New, high-end solutions for demanding coatings applications
Smartening up appearance and function.

By Rosanna Telesca

Founded in 1965, SONGWON Industrial Group develops, produces and supplies additives and speciality chemicals worldwide. The company, which is headquartered in Ulsan, Korea and recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, has grown from a small organization active mainly in Asia to become the second largest manufacturer of polymers stabilizers worldwide and a global speciality chemicals company with branches and production facilities all over the world.

SONGWON focuses strongly on sustainability in all its operations from R&D to production and beyond, also placing high emphasis on end use. Important aspects for the company include the wellbeing and safety of its employees and the general public, renewable raw materials, environmentally sound products and production processes, and economic use of resources such as water and energy.

As part of its continued expansion in fields where it can offer advanced know-how, SONGWON is developing state-of-the-art stabilization solutions for the coatings sector. Its portfolio comprises a wide range of ultraviolet absorbers (UVAs), hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), antioxidants (AOs) and photoinitiators designed to cover all thermal and light stability requirements.

Creating appeal and providing a wealth of different functions

Used in a wide variety of industries, coatings are an important area in chemicals. They can be applied on almost all substrates, including ceramics, concrete, glass, metal, plastic and wood.

Today’s coatings need to meet increasingly high technical standards and provide ever wider scope for design, as required, for example, by the automotive sector.

Coatings can be either decorative or functional or both. Decorative coatings add colour, texture and effects, making items eye-catching and attractive. Functional coatings provide protection against damage caused by light and heat, corrosion and weathering, scratching and abrasion, microbial attack, and more.

Like most of the industries it serves, the coating sector aims at enhancing quality while saving costs. Further trends driving developments in coatings are the increasingly stringent emission regulations in many countries as well as numerous other environmental considerations. Intense efforts are being made to replace solvent - with waterborne technologies and to reduce generation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The sector benefits from a special additional trend: coatings are able to provide individuality, a much sought-after feature that adds enormously to the appeal of cars, for example. Novel structures and colours, and effects such as flop and changeant can be combined to produce a unique image and appearance.

In the functional area, there is strong focus today on improving existing technologies and also on smart, such as self-healing, coatings. Coatings containing super absorbent polymers, for example, can seal cracks in concrete.

Long-lasting protection against degradation caused by light and heat

To ensure long life and the maintenance of an attractive appearance, coatings require stabilization. Light is one of the most important sources of damage to coatings. It triggers photo-oxidation, which typically results in discolouration, i.e., yellowing, or fading of colourants, for example in wall paints or inks. This ultimately leads to photo-degradation, causing additional surface defects, including loss of gloss, cracking and chalking.

Exposure of organic substrates to heat during processing steps, for example, synthesis, mixing, extrusion and curing, or during high-temperature-baking cycles of coatings, also results in yellowing, as well as embrittlement and loss of mechanical properties such as tensile strength.

Degradation can be counteracted through the use of suitable light stabilizers. UVAs filter out the harmful wavelengths of the light spectrum and prevent photochemical reactions from causing coatings to degrade by soaking up harmful UV rays and converting them into heat. HALS inhibit polymer degradation by neutralizing free radicals and regenerate themselves in the process, so they continue to provide protection throughout the life of the product. Used together, UVAs and HALS give synergistic effects that ensure excellent protection against surface defects and discolouration. AOs help to prevent degradation caused by the effects of heat during processing and service life. Photoinitiators are used to trigger radiation curing, an efficient process that makes coatings highly resistant, enabling them to provide particularly effective protection and enhance the appearance of numerous substrates, including plastics, wood and metal.

New stabilizer solutions for high-performance coatings

In order to protect coatings against the harmful effects of light and heat, SONGWON offers a comprehensive range of high-value, high-performance coating stabilizers such: SONGNOX® CS Antioxidants (AOs), SONGSORB® CS UV Absorbers (UVAs), SONGSORB® CS Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) and SONGCURE® CS Photoinitiators.

These products can be used in coatings for numerous substrates, including steel, wood, ceramics, special composites, plastic films and plastic parts used in the inks, automotive and transportation, decorative and architectural, furniture and flooring, industrial and agricultural industries among others.

SONGWON, which is continuously expanding its range of stabilizers for high-performance coatings, recently launched two new UVAs, SONGSORB® CS 400 and SONGSORB® CS 384-2.

SONGSORB® CS 400 and SONGSORB® CS 384-2 provides coatings with outstanding protection against degradation caused by high temperatures during processing and environmental impact during use. They, therefore, help to prolong the life of end products such as vehicles.

SONGSORB® CS 400 is a liquid hydroxyphenyl triazine (HPT) UVA with very high thermal stability and outstanding resistance in coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme external conditions. With its hydroxy functionality, SONGSORB® CS 400 minimizes migration and provides coatings with high photostability for long-term performance. The molecule is designed to ensure high performance and durability in water- and solvent-borne as well as 100 percent solids automotive and industrial finishes. Its colour and stability make SONGSORB® CS 400 the UVA of choice for all coatings that require low colour. It is suitable for use in amine and/or metal catalyzed coatings and coatings applied on basecoats or substrates containing such catalysts because it does not interfere with them.

SONGSORB® CS 384-2 is a liquid benzotriazole UVA designed for high-performance coatings that meet the durability requirements of automotive coatings and provide top quality finishes. It protects base coats as well as both wood and plastic substrates very efficiently against ultraviolet radiation. Outstanding thermal stability and resistance to environmental impacts make it an excellent choice for coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme weather conditions. With its liquid form, SONGSORB® CS 384-2 is suitable for incorporation in waterborne and in most common solvent systems.

To obtain synergistic effects that protect coatings still better against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and colour change, both UVAs can be used in combination with a HALS such as SONGSORB® CS AQ01, which SONGWON introduced at this year’s European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

The new high-performance HALS, SONGSORB® CS AQ01, combines durable stabilization with improved environmental compatibility. Its high polarity and different functionalities make SONGSORB® CS AQ01 suitable for a wide variety of different applications, including stabilization of waterborne and wood coatings. It does not impair gloss, even in demanding applications such as automotive interiors.

Further areas of expansion  

Besides its comprehensive range of AOs, UVAs, HALS and photoinitiators, SONGWON also develops and manufactures solutions for polyurethanes as well as intermediates and catalysts for tin.

HI-THANE polyurethane solutions, which include surface coating agents, hardeners and accelerators, are used in the production of synthetic leather and flexible packaging, in ink binders, and as adhesives on different plastic films. 

SONGCAT tin intermediates and catalysts are extensively used to refine processes for producing organo-tin compounds based on butyl and octyl oxide. Applications include electrodeposition coatings for the automotive industry and tin catalysts for polyurethanes.

Ongoing innovation

Backed by a long tradition of experience and expertise, SONGWON is using its know-how to expand the technologies it offers the industry and strengthen its focus on speciality chemicals, including those designed for the coatings sector and the many industries it covers.

Author: Rosanna Telesca is Leader of Market Center Coatings at SONGWON Industrial Group. 

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