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13th December 2018

Nouryon introduces new film-forming polymer for sunscreen products

Together with Dermacryl 79, Nouryon now has a competitive product offering for the entire sunscreen market.

12th December 2018

Moulding architectural feat with silicones

The industry is constantly coming up with innovations in silicone to be in sync with the needs and demands of the construction industry.

12th December 2018

Providing high-performance solutions

At Dow India, we have a massive advantage of an innovation engine in the form of a global R&D organization with scale and scope.

12th December 2018

Setting a new quality benchmark

The combined Honeywell business will be able to serve a broader range of customers and applications.

12th December 2018

Diversify to be bigger and better, everyday

Air Products globally has a strong balance sheet, with robust plans for growth over the next several years.

12th December 2018

Solving Grassroots - level problems

A low-cost filter to remove arsenic & iron from drinking water for the people affected by arsenic contaminated water.

12th December 2018

Meeting needs of energy efficiency & reliability

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in chemical industry in the most diverse sectors, such as the cooling and heating of base or final products.

12th December 2018

Eqobalance wins green product award 2018

EqoBalance was chosen from a field of 400 submissions from 25 countries.

11th December 2018

A revolution in transition

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can change the facade of chemical industries.

11th December 2018

Latest hot melt adhesive innovation for sealing applications

The latest hot melt adhesive has been launched for case and carton sealing applications.