Nippon Shokubai cancels investment in superabsorbent polymers project in China

Nippon Shokubai cancels SAP project in China

11:21 AM, 1st August 2014
Nippon Shokubai cancels investment in superabsorbent polymers project in China

TOKYO, JAPAN: Nippon Shokubai announced the cancellation of investment for superabsorbent polymers (SAP) at Nisshoku Chemical Industry, Zhangjiagang Co Ltd, a subsidiary in China. The capacity expansion of the plan of SAP plant was announced on 31 January 2012. The expansion was suspended at that time, due to the accident occurred at NIPPON SHOKUBAI Himeji Plant on 29 September 2012, in order to dedicate necessary internal resources to the recovery from the accident at Himeji plant.

This time, Nippon Shokubai reviewed the project feasibility and recognized the change of SAP market environment in China and has decided to give priority to an expansion in other regions over the expansion in China.


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