Researchers From University Toronto Discovered One Billion Year Old Water Tasting Saltier than Sea Water

One billion year old water discovered in Canada

10:22 AM, 20th June 2013
University of Toronto Research
One billion year old water tastes “just terrible,” say scientists.

ONTARIO, CANADA: Scientists from the University of Toronto found pockets of water that had been sitting 2.4 kilometre underneath the Earth’s surface for more than a billion years. Barbara Sherwood, Canadian scientist admitted that she had tasted it, not just once either but “from time to time.” According to Sherwood, the water has the consistency of maple syrup and is much saltier than seawater. “It tastes terrible. It is much saltier than seawater,” said Sherwood.

The water is transparent when it first comes out from the rocks it has been trapped between but quickly turns an orange colour as the minerals within it, such as iron, begin to form. The rocks, the water is trapped in formed about 2.6 billion years ago on what used to be an ancient ocean floor. The scientists suspect that the trapped water could be remnant ocean water which got stuck as it moved through the cracks in the rock.

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