Orica restart ammonia plant

Orica to restart ammonia plant

8:02 PM, 16th December 2011
Orica to restart ammonia plant


VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: The New South Wales Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has lifted the prevention notice on Orica's ammonia plant at Kooragang Island. The Orica start up committee recommended the restart of the closed ammonia plant, which suspended operations following a series of leaks in August.

Gary Davey, Director, EPA stated that Orica had completed all of the tasks required and the committee is satisfied that the explosives manufacturer is ready to restart its ammonia plant.

“The start up committee’s role has been to make sure that Orica has satisfactorily implemented the operational and procedural recommendations outlined in the Independent Engineer’s report, as well as other actions identified by the committee. They haven’t invested in the infrastructure necessary to ensure the safety of the community or the environment,” said Davey.

This was dismissed by the EPA, which stated that it does not expect there to be any risk to the community from the plant's restart. However, it did enforce an additional condition on Orica's environmental protection licence which requires it to work with the community to develop a communication plan over the coming months to ensure that people are quickly notified in the case of another incident.

“Community interaction is a top concern for the plant, Orica is committed to the safe operation of our Kooragang Island plant and to being a responsible corporate neighbour in the community,” said Sean Winstone, Site Manager, Kooragang Island. “The EPA will be working closely with other regulators to maintain a high level of scrutiny on this plant over the coming months and years,” said Davey.

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