Overview of the increasing use of microcrystalline cellulose across pharma industry

5:51 AM, 10th February 2021
Drifting consumer inclination towards eco-friendly and lightweight products may boost demand for long fiber thermoplastics on account of the biodegradability, high strength to weight ratio and recyclability

The groundbreaking discovery of biobutanol production through microcrystalline cellulose has enabled the global market to establish itself as a billion dollar business in the overall polymers and advanced materials industry. As per news reports, engineers from National University of Singapore had in 2019, discovered that TG57- a naturally occurring bacterium was capable of using microcrystalline cellulose directly to produce nearly 1.93 g per liter as a final product comparable to that of engineered microbes.

Such initiatives add to the impending competitive scenario of the overall microcrystalline cellulose market, which according to Global Market Insights Inc, is likely to account for USD $1.35 billion by the end of 2025.

Microcrystalline cellulose is a hydrolyzed cellulose which is generally used as an emulsifier, a stabilizer, or a dispersing agent across various sectors. More so, it also finds notable applications across various sectors encompassing pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, paints and coatings, and personal care amongst others. However, one of the rewarding verticals of the overall microcrystalline cellulose market is the pharmaceutical industry.

Microcrystalline cellulose| Applications across pharmaceutical sector

A million dollar business, the pharmaceutical industry has emerged as one of the leading profitable spheres for microcrystalline cellulose market, courtesy- its use as an excipient in the industry owing to the product’s compressibility properties.

For the records, international Pharmaceutical Excipient Council labels excipients as the process aids or substrates that are included in pharmaceutical dosage form. Some of the prominent functionalities of excipient are to exert consistency, weight, and volume which enhances the solubility, dose, and increases stability. Addition to this, excipient can also be proposed to augment the bioavailability, expedite patient acceptability, and modify drug release.

Now speaking of microcrystalline cellulose as pharmaceutical excipients, it is safe to say that MCC stands as the most widely used direct compression excipient catering to some of the exceptional applications such as strong dry binder, an absorbent, tablet disintegrant, a lubricant, or an anti-adherent.

Above mentioned features bear the potential to enhance the growth spectrum of microcrystalline cellulose across the pharmaceutical industry.

Also, not to mention, thriving personal care industry is also deemed to reap overwhelming growth prospects for the global market in the years ahead.

Unveiling trends across the regional markets

The worldwide microcrystalline cellulose market is diversified into various regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and rest of the world. Speaking of its prominence across these regions, it is pivotal to state that North America MCC market is considered to stand tall in the regional hierarchy in the upcoming years.

In North America, and particularly the United States, regional growth is expected to come from the expanding pharmaceutical industry in conjugation with a considerable rise in disposable incomes and better lifestyles. Not only this, flourishing cosmetics and personal care market across the States is also poised to give a boost to the regional market progression over the stipulated time span.

Not only this, companies operating in the region have also been investing into production of MCC through undertaking various strategic initiatives, in an effort to bolster the regional market share. For instance, FMC Corporation, in 2019, announced its plans of investing over more than USD $50 million for research facility in Delaware. The move comes in heels of the company’s initiation to revamp the current facility to improve its R&D efforts.

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