Oxygen scavengers market to observe bullish growth in North America

10:51 AM, 5th February 2021
Oxygen scavengers have become a top-notch material to boost shelf-life and maintain the freshness and quality of food products. Incorporation of oxygen scavenger into packaging materials has translated into better consumer acceptance.

Oxygen scavengers have become a top-notch material to boost shelf-life and maintain the freshness and quality of food products. Incorporation of oxygen scavenger into packaging materials has translated into better consumer acceptance.

Use of chemical reaction to eliminate oxygen from packed foods and headspace has gained traction in recent years. With oxygen leading to food spoilage and quality loss, investment is likely to gain a notable spike in oxygen scavengers industry. In the recently compiled research report by Global Market Insights Inc oxygen scavengers market is projected to witness a substantial gain by 2025.

That said, oxygen scavengers’ applications have gone beyond the realm of food industry, foraying into pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. Following insights elucidate trends and other dynamics of oxygen scavenger market.

Bullish trend in pharmaceuticals

Oxygen scavengers (oxygen absorbers) have made their presence felt in pharmaceutical and food products. In essence, forward-looking companies are introducing cost optimization in drug manufacturing and distribution following the surge in demand for longer shelf-life.

Notably, class II and IV-A tend to be more sensitive towards oxygen, thereby signifying the importance of oxygen absorbers. In addition, implementation of rigorous measures by US FDA for the maintenance of shelf-life and strength of drug molecules will potentially accentuate robust growth in oxygen scavengers industry.

Notable footfall in food & beverage industry

Stakeholders are emphasizing commercial application of oxygen absorbers in the form of sachets and films. Small sachets containing iron-based powders are mostly sought-after among end-markets as they have become highly popular in meat products, baked goods and snack foods.  

In a bid to derail mold growth, aerobic microorganisms, and to prevent oxidation of products, oxygen scavengers will witness compelling demand in food industry. Business outlook for oxygen scavengers market is bullish as they have become a lucrative portfolio to food manufacturers.

Growing footfall of oxygen absorbers in a slew of food constituents, including plant and muscle pigments, oil and fats and nutritive elements will continue to boost oxygen scavengers market share.

Growth opportunities in PET bottle

While glass continues to gain traction, footprint of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle has become more pronounced in recent years for the latter is recyclable, transparent, cheap and potentially unbreakable. PET bottles have become ubiquitous in soft-drink and water bottles and is the food contact compliant.

Leading companies are leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the prevailing opportunities in PET bottles. For instance, PolyOne rolled out new oxygen scavenger in a bid to reduce haze in PET in May 2020. Besides, the company claims to have reduced yellowing by 50 percent during the mechanical recycling process, being in line with recyclability.

On the other hand, Clariant launched patent protected oxygen scavenger additive masterbatches, focusing on PET packaging in October 2019. The product can allegedly help boost shelf life and will be apt for cold chain distribution.

Oxygen scavenging will unlock opportunities in North America as the use of absorbers in pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries has spiked in recent years. A similar momentum is expected in the ensuing period. Trend for oxygen absorbers to maintain the quality of lipid-containing foods, avoid discoloration and oxidation will encourage stakeholders to infuse funds in North America.

Formation of by-products mar business outlook

Critics have cited formation of by-products such as aldehydes, organic acids or ketones that can hamper food quality, including odor, rancid development and color. Accordingly, traction for organic oxygen scavengers has surged; however, comparatively higher cost and lower oxygen removal efficiency in the polymer matrix do not augur well.

Oxygen scavengers will continue to gain uptick in food & beverage and pharmaceutical markets given that the material can extend the shelf life of the product. Prominently, use of oxygen scavengers will potentially do away with the requirement for additives such as BHT, sulfur dioxides and sorbates.

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