Pivotal trends that are likely to propel fermentation defoamers market

6:48 AM, 27th January 2021
Global fermentation defoamers market is poised to gain major impetus in the coming years from massive product application in the preparation of food & beverages. Fermentation defoamers are predominantly used in the production of dairy products, soy sauce, tofu, bread, coffee etc.

Global fermentation defoamers market is poised to gain major impetus in the coming years from massive product application in the preparation of food & beverages in order to minimize the quantity of foam produced during the process of fermentation. In addition, fermentation defoamers are predominantly used in the production of dairy products, soy sauce, tofu, bread, coffee etc.

Another important growth inducing factor that is expected to lay a positive impact on the overall growth curve is the increasing product demand in pharmaceutical industry as foam control in fermentation process is an important part of the production of pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics, vaccines, steroids, etc. Furthermore, rising incidence of chronic disorders and bacterial infection will fuel the demand for fermentation defoamers over the following years.

Considering the massive applications of antifoam agents, notable industry players such as Dow Corning, PennWhite, SIXIN NORTH AMERICA, Shin-Etsu Chemical, ADDAPT Chemicals, etc. are inclined on developing new products to strengthen their product portfolio and gain a competitive edge in the market. For instance, in 2019, ADDAPT Chemicals launched a new suite of defoamers as per different industrial applications. One of the defoamers is Foamstop SX 29 which is a highly effective foam control agent for various types of aqueous industrial fluids.

According to Global Market Insights Inc, fermentation defoamers market size is projected to surpass $2 billion over the foreseeable future, considering the prominence of below mentioned trends:

Increasing popularity of silicon-based defoamers

Silicone-based products are currently witnessing massive traction owing to their diverse applications across various industries. In fact, estimates suggest that the segment would observe an appreciable CAGR of over 4 percent through 2025, mainly due to the product’s property of physiological inertness and nontoxicity for humans and livestock, which makes it suitable for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, medical, food and cosmetic products. Moreover, its high chemical stability has led silicon defoamers to be used in the alkali, acid and salt systems in chemical industry.

Heightened adoption across chemical industry

Chemical industry is estimated to emerge as the most lucrative end-use vertical for the market and is anticipated to secure a market share of 10 percent over the subsequent years. This can be attributed to the important usage of fermentation defoamer in the preparation of industrial enzymes, organic acids, polymers etc.

Rising demand from APAC food & beverage industry

Asia Pacific fermentation defoamer industry secured a significant market share in 2018 and is expected to grow over time. The growth can be credited to rising product demand on account of increasing consumption of food & beverage across several major countries in the region such as Japan, China and India. Other key factors driving the industry growth are rising urbanization, growing population, rising number of prominent food & beverages firms, etc. in the region which are fostering the demand for food & beverage product. Further, rising production of dairy products in the region will also augment the industry outlook.

Thriving pharmaceutical industry in Europe

Fermentation defoamer market in Europe is expected to grow significantly over the upcoming years owing to increased product application in regional pharmaceutical industry. For instance, industrial fermenters are used for manufacturing vaccines for the diseases such as cholera, anthrax, whooping cough, etc. In addition, rising consumption of alcoholic beverages is also contributing to the business growth in the region.

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