Polyurethane resins packaging
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Polyurethane resins for packaging

7:30 AM, 6th October 2018
Polyurethanes for food packaging

By Kyuyeol Lee

Numerous products encountered in everyday life would be unthinkable without the use of adhesives and sealants. Adhesives, which are stronger, bind surfaces together, while sealants are used to make materials such as concrete air- and water-tight and are frequently applied on the exterior walls of buildings, for example.

Adhesives have the ability to bind different materials together and to distribute stress more efficiently across joints. They are easily applied and allow increased design flexibility over other binding systems.

Polymer Stabilizers help to prevent discoloration and loss of adhesive properties

Adhesives and sealants are widely used in numerous industries, including automotive, construction/building, electronics, packaging, graphic arts and medicine. The aerospace industry was quick to promote the use of adhesives as a result of their advantages over welding and bolting, for example. They are now used increasingly to join interior and exterior parts of water and ground vehicles as well as airplanes. In construction, adhesives prevent loosening of screws, as well as oxidation and corrosion, for example, on pipes and other items. In the electronics field, adhesives bond and encapsulate components on printed circuit boards, for example. Adhesives are suitable for many packaging applications, including label glues and closure systems. The graphic arts sector uses adhesives for print lamination, book binding, and padding compounds.

In medicine, they are used for all kinds of equipment, including blood bags and respirators, as well as for dressings, denture fixation and much more. Adhesives can be damaged either at the edges or all over if the substrates are permeable to light.

SONGWON develops, manufactures and markets antioxidants and light stabilizers that prolong the shelf life and enhance the properties of adhesives. The company’s linear polyurethane solutions are designed for adhesive layers in synthetic leather and flexible packaging, and as ink binders for printing on packaging. It also manufactures hardeners and accelerators for adhesive systems.

Manufacture of the widely varying types of packaging available today requires a vast range of products and technologies. Our company has developed a comprehensive portfolio of polyurethane laminating adhesives used in flexible packaging laminates and polyurethane ink binders for gravure and flexographic printing inks. The company is committed to the packaging industry. It is innovating continuously in the packaging field, leveraging many years of industry knowledge and manufacturing experience to develop, produce and market a broad range of high-performance polyurethane ink binders and laminating adhesives. The customized solutions for flexible packaging are designed to give manufacturers of plastic film for packaging competitive edge and help them meet their end-use requirements.

HI-THANE™ polyurethane adhesives for flexible packaging

The broad array of cutting edge quality products includes solvent and solvent free polyurethane (PU) laminating systems for flexible packaging such as plastic and metalized film and aluminum foil. SONGWON also offers PU adhesives for all flexible packaging applications. Fast curing enables high bond strength to be obtained within a few hours, allowing slitting within 12 to 24 hours and quicker laminate turnover. The long pot life of the products facilitates processing, thereby boosting productivity.

HI-THANE™ A-7332 & HITHANE ™ A-6200

This solvent free, two pack polyurethane adhesive system for flexible packaging is distinguished by good wetting properties, which play a key role in helping film   laminate manufacturers to reduce coating weights and production costs. The products are stable to storage at temperatures as low as minus 20°C. This important product feature helps to reduce handling costs under cold weather conditions since the adhesive does not need to be melted before use.

HI-THANE™ polyurethane ink binders for gravure & flexographic printing inks

Besides its expertise in adhesive systems, SONGWON is also a leading specialist in polyurethane ink binders for gravure and flexographic printing inks used in flexible packaging laminates and plastic film applications. These ink binders are noted for their high bonding and color strength as well as their suitability for pigment grinding and retort applications.

The products, which fulfill EHS standards, also meet the requirements of the printing ink industry in terms of printability, heat resistance, solvent retention and antiblocking properties. They improve the dispersibility, printability, film properties and post-processability of printing inks. The broad range allows the design of customized printing ink formulations.

Printing inks containing the company’s ink binders are suitable for surface printing on substrates such as paper, polypropylene and polyethylene designed for bread, snack, and dried food packaging, for example. They can also be used for reverse printing on packaging materials such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), nylon and oriented polypropylene (OPP) for snacks, boiled or retort food, and cold food.

SONGWON runs a dedicated ink binder testing laboratory in South Korea to help customers formulate technically advanced, customized printing inks.

HI-THANE™ A-890K for gravure printing inks

This aliphatic, solvent based urethane ink binder has excellent lamination bonding strength on PET, nylon and OPP plastic films. It is also highly resistant to heat, making it suitable for use in both retortable and non-retortable flexible packaging laminates.

HI-THANE™ A-890K is particularly distinguished by its much higher resolubility than that of conventional ink binders. Re-solubility is a key performance property for high speed printing. It is the ability of the “dried” ink on the cylinder to be re-wetted. Poor re-solubility results in less ink transfer from the cylinder to the film substrate. Good re-solubility leads to higher color strength and better image resolution. It helps to prevent scale formation in gravure printing cells, improves print quality and reduces maintenance.

Color strength is further improved thanks to the product’s low viscosity, which is demonstrated by clear, bright shades. HI-THANE™ A-890K is recommended for high speed line printing where high color strength is required. HI-THANE™ A-9107T & HI-THANE™ A-9135T in gravure & flexographic inks HI-THANE™ A-9107T and HI-THANE™ A-9135T are aliphatic, alcohol-based urethane ink binders suitable for use in the manufacture of flexographic and gravure printing inks.

These environmentally sound products have outstanding re-solubility properties and significantly minimize solvent retention. Both HI-THANE™ A-9107T and HI-THANE™ A-9135T also provide printing ink manufacturers with formulation flexibility since these ink binders are also highly compatible with other co-binders such as vinyl resin, nitrocellulose etc.

As packaging becomes more sophisticated and diverse and standards more stringent, the company continues to develop solutions that match manufacturers’ and customers’ needs.

Author: Kyuyeol Lee is Leader Business Unit TPP at SONGWON Industrial Group.

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