PPG’s Dulux brand unveils new line decorative paints

PPG’s Dulux brand unveils new line of decorative paints

9:50 AM, 1st December 2016
Dulux Venetian Silk: Royal Pumpkin (70YR 19/432), a rich, earthy deep orange brightened by a dusting of copper.
Dulux Venetian Silk: Royal Pumpkin (70YR 19/432), a rich, earthy deep orange brightened by a dusting of copper.

TORONTO, US: As the trend of self-expression continues to grow in home decor, the Dulux Paints brand of PPG industries has unveiled a new paint product that helps people unleash their creativity and transform walls into one-of-a-kind masterpieces in two easy steps.

Developed using innovative technology Dulux Venetian Silk, is an original paint product that delivers luxurious, elegant walls unique to each room. It enables users to infuse walls with visual depth and sophistication to match their personal taste.

Dulux Venetian Silk paint is part of a new line called Dulux Effect Finishes that also includes Dulux Liquid Metal paint – a unique product that adds fluid elegance to any room.

According to Martin Tustin-Fuchs, brand manager for the Dulux Paints brand of PPG, Dulux Venetian Silk paint produces the sensuous, silky, layered effect of Venetian plaster yet is easy to apply and smooth to the touch. Available in 40 striking, light-animating colours, it creates a distinctive multi-toned and luminous finish that adds unprecedented depth to walls

Applied in two steps, Dulux Venetian Silk products require a coat of specially-selected base colour to be painted before two thin top coats of this paint are applied creatively, in different directions, using an applicator or plastic trowel. “The result is an original work of art infused into the wall that brings an element of style and class to any room,” he said.

Dulux Liquid Metal paint delivers sophisticated elegance to rooms by adding lustrous shimmer to walls, trim and furniture. Available in 32 light-reflecting colours infused with gold, silver, copper or bronze undertones, the finish takes on a smooth or mottled look depending on the application tool used.

As with the Dulux Venetian Silk line, Dulux Liquid Metal paint involves a two-step application process, requiring a coat of a specially-selected base colour to be painted before two top coats of Dulux Liquid Metal paint are applied.

“Reminiscent of a fluid, sparkling work of art, this illuminating, durable, colour-rich texture delivers the ultimate finishing touch to any room,” Tustin-Fuchs said.

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