PPG’s fiber glass used build world’s first race car suspension

PPG’s fiber glass used to build world’s first race car suspension

10:14 AM, 12th July 2016
PPG’s fiber glass used to build world’s first race car suspension
Polystrand Inc used PPG’s TUFROV 4510 and TUFROV 4588 fiber glass roving products to build a race car featuring the world’s first thermoplastic composite rear suspension.

PITTSBURGH, US: PPG Industries said that its TUFROV 4510 and TUFROV 4588 fiber glass roving products are used by a Denver-based manufacturer of thermoplastic composite materials, Polystrand Inc to build a race car featuring the world’s first thermoplastic composite rear suspension.

The Grand Touring Lite (GT-Lite) race car was designed by Jonathan Spiegel, senior engineer, Polystrand. He said the vehicle was built to demonstrate that continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin is an excellent material for automotive suspension and structural components.

TUFROV 4588 long-fiber thermoplastic (LFT) reinforcement roving was laminated into hybrid interior sandwich panels, which made the car lighter and safer to drive, and it was used to reinforce the front air splitter, which acts as an aerodynamic aid under the nose of the car.

“There are light-truck and passenger-car suspensions equipped with composite springs, but they have always been made with thermoset resins,” Spiegel explained. “We believe our car is the first in the world to employ a thermoplastic resin, which offers distinct advantages over thermoset resin, such as faster production cycle times, higher impact resistance, easier recyclability and no VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions during processing.”

Spiegel said he specified TUFROV 4510 continuous-strand fiber glass roving as reinforcement for suspension components because its excellent tensile strength, flexural modulus and sizing compatibility provide superior mechanical properties and fatigue performance compared to other fiber glass products on the market.

“The collaboration with Polystrand highlights PPG’s commitment to partnering with customers. Aiding customers in the development of groundbreaking technologies allows PPG to add value to their products and strengthen relationships. We’re dedicated to innovation, both internally and as a strategy for helping customers create new markets for their products,” said Camilo Serrano, PPG global business manager.

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