Praxair acquires UK-based medical devices company NOxBOX

Praxair acquires UK-based medical device company NOxBOX

6:19 AM, 5th March 2016
Praxair acquires UK-based medical devices company NOxBOX

DANBURY, US: Praxair Inc said that it has acquired NOxBOX Ltd, a company that specializes in manufacturing inhaled gas delivery and monitoring instruments for the medical market, from UK-based Bedfont Scientific Ltd, an existing Praxair supplier.

NOxBOX Ltd, which will remain headquartered in the UK, provides a range of medical devices for in-hospital use as currently authorized by local regulation. One such device, the NOxBOXi delivery system, which is currently sold in many countries, provides intelligent nitric oxide delivery with precise real-time monitoring of nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide and oxygen through a touch screen with step-by-step guided interface to enable ease of use.

“We are pleased to have acquired this comprehensive means of delivering and monitoring nitric oxide for patients in need of inhaled nitric oxide therapy,” said Scott Telesz, executive vice president, Praxair. “The acquisition of this product line is part of our long-term strategy to further broaden our offerings to hospitals and deliver the latest in respiratory healthcare technology to our customers around the world.”

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