Praxair China supplies gases Hua Li Microelectronics

Praxair China supplies gases to Hua Li Microelectronics

11:46 AM, 30th June 2011
Praxair China supplies gases to Hua Li Microelectronics

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Praxair China has begun supplying compressed dry air, ultra-high-purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and helium to Shanghai Hua Li Microelectronics Corporation’s 12-inch integrated-circuit chips production line. Hua Li is a state-owned company engaged in the production of advanced integrated circuits. Zhangjiang High-Tech Park of Shanghai is one of the top high-tech parks in China.

The Chinese government planned a number of national priority projects in order to catch up with world-class integrated circuit technology. “Praxair has been participating actively in the dramatic growth of China’s integrated circuit industry, bringing value-added and energy-efficient solutions to our customers,” said Minda Ho, President, Praxair China.

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